Generate engagement with a Hidden Objects Game that doesn’t require download

César Rodríguez
César Rodríguez
As the digital revolution takes hold in the marketing world, catching users' attention has become the number one priority for marketers and gamified campaigns are becoming the go-to tool to achieve that objective. A branded Hidden Objects Mini-Game could be the solution you’re looking for, and it doesn’t require downloading!

A Hidden Objects game as part of your interactive marketing campaign might well be that solution to boost engagement, work on brand awareness, and capture leads. There are, however, some considerations that have to be kept in mind. You might want to ask yourself these questions when it comes to deciding on which platform to use:

    The right platform to create a Hidden Objects Mini-Game

    At this point, you might be wondering how many tools or different platforms you’d need to juggle to carry out such a gamified interactive marketing campaign. Well, wonder no more!

    Launching a Branded Hidden Objects Mini-Game is an ideal alternative for a gamified interactive marketing campaign. Why? It’s perfect for seasonal campaigns like Easter, Halloween, Christmas, St. Patrick’s, etc. It’s entertaining yet simple and easy to play. It can be fully customized using your brand logo, colors, products, or related imagery. This includes using a background image of your choice and defining the areas of the hidden objects, as well as the objects themselves. And these are but a few of the reasons.

    Seasonal Hidden Objects Game

    Let’s take a look at how the Easypromos platform provides answers to the questions we listed above.

    Does the user have to download software to play?

    No. Today’s users are justifiably wary of “promotions” that require downloads. Users are much more likely to play and participate if there is no need to download software to their devices. A web-based game that runs on their device web browser is the way to go. All of Easypromos’ gamified solutions are web-based and do not require any kind of download.

    Is the game customizable?

    Yes. If one of the marketing objectives of your interactive marketing campaign is to strengthen brand awareness and recognition, a game that allows you to personalize it with your brand logo, colors, products, or related imagery is a must. After all, what’s the point of launching a game that does not visually impact the user with your brand? All of the game elements of Easypromos’ Hidden Objects Mini-Game are fully customizable, these include background image, the object to be hidden, and defining the areas of the hidden objects.

    Customized Hidden Objects Game

    Can I use the Hidden Objects mini game to generate new leads?

    Yes. Add a customizable registration form to the game and it will not only engage your audience and increase brand awareness. It will also provide you with qualified leads. You can configure the fields in the registration form to gather the information you’re interested in. Furthermore, the promotion can be configured so that the user has to register to play, or alternatively, users have to register after playing the game to be able to see their scores or to move forward in the promotion process. A textbook example of Zero-Party Data collection good practices!

    Yes. There are several ways to combine a Hidden Objects Mini-game with other promotions. Participants that fill out the registration form enter a prize draw. Or use it as a means of distributing coupon codes or discounts and drawing traffic to your website or shop. You can also use the ranking feature to filter the participants that will move forward, e.g., the top ten ranked players enter a prize draw.

    Hidden Objects Game Giveaway

    Can I manage the distribution of prizes?

    Of course. What’s more, you can do it in several ways: Using the ranking to reward the top-scoring players. Or use the Instant Win feature to define specific moments when the prizes will be awarded. You can also give away the prizes randomly among registered users through a final prize draw.

    Hidden Objects Game Instant Win

    Configuring a Hidden Objects Mini-game with Easypromos is simple, easy, and straightforward. Moreover, you can create an Easypromos account and configure and test your branded Hidden Objects Mini-Game to get a feel of the whole experience. Testing is free and we won’t request any payment details until you decide to make your promotion public.

    If you have any questions on how to set up your branded Hidden Objects Mini-Game, contact our customer support team via live chat. We will be happy to help!

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