The new Easypromos API is designed for data-driven marketing
Easypromos API for data driven marketing

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We’ve launched an updated version that makes it easier to use our API and set up integrations. The Easypromos API allows developers to automatically export a list of promotion participants, and integrate the promotion data with external platforms.


The New Challenge for Brands:
Adapt Promotions to Smartphones
infographic devices online promotions

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Press release – Barcelona, Spain – March 2017

The mobile phone is the most used device to participate in online promotions and sweepstakes. The Smartphone already outperformed the computer as an Internet gateway in 2016 and a recent study that Easypromos has developed, shows that it is also the most used device to participate in contests and sweepstakes on Facebook.


Easypromos ranks Top 5 of GetApp’s Social Media Marketing solutions

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97% of the user reviews in GetApp are positive, and 94% would recommend us to a friend or a colleague. These numbers, together with other strengths like the integrations, the mobile functionalities, presence in media and the security that the platform offer, has placed Easypromos as number 5 in the Top 25 ranking of Social Media Marketing solutions for small and medium businesses in the first two quarters of 2017.


Shopping centers top ranking of Valentine’s Day online promotions
Valentines Day Infographic

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. This day used to be a key date for the small businesses but people no longer buy only flowers and chocolate to their loved ones. Nowadays many brands and companies use online sweepstakes, contests and promotions around this date to get more visibility.


Study: Facebook Sweepstakes Generate 1000% More Engagement than Standard Promotional Posts
Facebook sweepstakes

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  • Facebook Sweepstakes Hosted through the Easypromos Platform Increase 250%; Results Show More Likes, Comments, Shares and Followers.


Today, Easypromos, a global leader in digital promotions, announced the results of a six-month study of Facebook promotions which found that Sweepstakes posted on a Facebook page receive, on average, more than 1000% more interactions than a standard promotional post on the same page. Facebook sweepstakes enable Facebook page owners to host a giveaway among followers who like or comment on a post.

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6 Trends Shaping Digital Promotions in 2017
6 trends shaping digital promotions in 2017

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Toronto, Barcelona, January 6, 2017 –Today, Easypromos, a global leader in digital promotions, announced its Forecast for Trends Shaping Digital promotions in 2017. According to the company, 2016 demonstrated an increasingly intensifying digital promotions environment as businesses, agencies and brands focused a greater share of marketing efforts on online and social media channels to engage with a growing digital audience. Looking ahead, the company forecasts that digital promotions will continue to solidify themselves as a cornerstone of innovative marketing programs globally, with marketers embracing new tools and capabilities launched by social media channels.


Easypromos Unveils First YouTube Sweepstakes App

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Press release – TORNTO, ON, BARCELONA, SPAIN NOVEMBER 21, 2016
Today, Easypromos, a global leader in digital promotions, announced the launch of a new “Youtube Sweepstakes” app which enables YouTube influencers to hold a sweepstakes among people who leave a comment beneath their published YouTube video. As more brands connect with YouTube influencers and their channels to reach consumers, the new application brings a fresh resource that can boost engagement and reach on social media through a sweepstakes giveaway


Easypromos Announces New Pick-A-Winner App
Pick-A-Winner App

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Today, Easypromos, a global leader in digital promotions, announced the launch of its Pick-A-Winner App, a new tool which enables users to randomly pick a winner by uploading a list of offline participants from any Excel, CSV or Text file to the new app. The Pick-A-Winner App brings the speed, functionality and impartiality of Easypromos Sweepstakes platform to users who would have had to otherwise pick a winner manually from a list.


New Pick-A-Winner App – Engage Your Online Community with a Giveaway

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Announcing the new Easypromos Pick-A-Winner-App, a new tool which allows you, for the first time, to hold a sweepstakes by importing a list of participants from any Excel, CSV or Text file. You’ll be able to select winners and alternate winners randomly, generating a Certificate of Validity that guarantees your participants that the sweepstakes has been carried out in a transparent, impartial way.


We’ve Moved to the Google Cloud!
google cloud

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Our mission is, and always will be, to deliver tools that offer businesses, marketing teams and agencies the best technology to support online contests and sweepstakes as an impactful part of their marketing strategies. We want to be your technological partner, but this can only happen if we offer the most reliable service with guaranteed effectiveness.

As our business continues to grow rapidly, we’ve been processing an ever-increasing number of promotions and participants. As a result, our infrastructure requirements have expanded as well and we need to adapt to meet this demand and keep pace with our growth.

Today we are announcing that we’ve completed the final phase of our Google Cloud migration with Easypromos’ entire technological infrastructure now moved into the Google Cloud. This means enhanced scalability, reliability and technological security, allowing us to focus on what we do best: developing new features to help you create better promotions for you.