Generate More Engagement with Online Hidden Objects Games

Kamila Palka
Kamila Palka
See how to organize no download Hidden Objects games to generate engagement for your brand. See examples, tips and dowmload templates.

Digital marketing makes connecting with potential customers possible, affordable, and easy. Online techniques allow brands to touch base with existing customers, too. Quite often the key to success is engagement.

Why is it important to generate engagement with clients and potential customers? By interacting with content shared by your brand, users become more aware of the product or service that you offer, boosting the overall awareness of your company. Increased engagement also leads to creating new, or fostering existing customer-brand relationships which are a vital part of customer loyalty. Engagement also plays an important role when it comes to word-of-mouth marketing because users enjoy sharing their experiences with workmates, friends, and family. All these reasons prove that engagement is crucial for your brand’s success and our branded Hidden Objects mini-game is one of the tools that can help you boost engagement.

How to create an online Hidden Objects game 

Let’s start by making sure that you fully understand the dynamics of online Hidden Objects games. To do so, we recommend you head to our promotion demos where you can find various examples of the interactive dynamic. 

Hidden Objects games generate engagement because of their fun and catchy gameplaying dynamics. Users are attracted to gamified promotions by the chance of competing against other users or simply the possibility of trying themselves or their skills. Games in which users look for missing elements are ideal for celebrating popular events, like Christmas or Halloween, promoting new products, or introducing a brand new logo. 

Start by designing a creative image that will play the first violin – this is where participation will take place. Are you celebrating Valentine’s Day? Hide some hearts, chocolates, or cupids in the image and ask entrants to spot them. Are you celebrating your brand’s anniversary? Invite users to find logos of your brand hidden in the image. 

Take a look at the following example to see how organizers mark areas that must be found by participants. In this case, users looked for factors that cause damage in the house. 

hidden objects game example showing how to mark areas

Once you have your image ready, upload it to the Easypromos app and mark the areas of the hidden elements that users must find in other to enter your prize draw. Don’t forget to customize the registration form with your corporate images and colors and to choose what information you want the participants to leave in order to get a chance to win. 

Now we will take a look at examples of Hidden Objects games that users can access online, without the need to download apps or software. See how other brands gamify their strategies and generate engagement!

Increase brand recognition by launching a Hidden Objects game with logos

Brand recognition happens when users and customers are able to recognize your brand from auditory or visual cues, for example, logos, colors, or font. Take a look at this example from Shop Mixup. The tech brand wanted to tap into the excitement created by the Olympic Games 2020, while also generating engagement for the brand. They organized a Hidden Objects game in which users looked for the brand’s logos hidden in the Olympic stadium. To attract more users, Shop Mixup disseminated the game on social media, including Twitter. 

hidden objects games online no download

Promote your products and services with a gamified promotion

Ytong is a manufacturer of concrete blocks with sound isolation. The organizers looked for a way to reinforce this important aspect of their products and to do so, the brand organized a Hidden Objects game in which participants looked to spot noise sources. 

hidden objects game

There are campaigns that you can’t afford to miss, Christmas and Halloween being some of them. Take a look at this example from a tourism association. The organizers looked for a way to engage their community right before Christmas as they wanted to stay top of mind with customers. To do so, they launched an interactive Hidden Objects game, in which users looked for Christmas presents hidden in the picture. 

christmas game organized with the hidden objects game app

Another example comes from a beauty products brand that looked to generate engagement as part of their Halloween campaign, while also promoting their products. To do so, they organized a Halloween Hidden Objects game in which they hid some of their bestselling products. 

hidden objects games example for halloween

Do you like these examples of Hidden Objects games? Or maybe you have questions about launching your own promotion? Contact our customer support team!