10 Advanced Easypromos tips and features you didn’t know about

César Rodríguez
César Rodríguez
Do you consider yourself an Easypromos expert? Are you up to date on the platform’s upgrades and improvements? Can you set up a game or promotions quickly and easily? If so, let us surprise you with ten easily missed features that will take the quality of your promotions up a notch.

Dynamic creation of user segments

The users segments feature allows you to tag participants in a promotion to create groups of users. Segmentation allows you to apply conditions to a specific group of users. E.g., restrict the participation to one game or stage to a specific segment. 

The possibility of creating segments automatically from a drop-down menu in the registration form is a powerful and little known feature. A direct application of this feature could look like this: Imagine a supermarket chain with several stores. In the registration form, users would choose the store where they usually shop from a drop-down menu. When a user selects X store, the system will assign the user to the X segment. Consequently, the system will only allow the user to participate in the stage assigned to X store. The same system can be applied to contests with defined age groups. When users choose an age group from the drop-down menu, they will only be allowed to participate in the stages assigned to their age group.

Validation using Luhn Algorithm

The Luhn Algorithm, aka mod 10 algorithm, is used to validate identification numbers in, for instance, credit card numbers. At Easypromos, we have implemented the Luhn Algorithm validation in every field where a code is introduced. This characteristic is especially useful in the “Login” screen. Making it possible for users to log in using a code instead of the traditional login methods. (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, twitch, email) This code could be a loyalty program number or a VIP users club. Hence, you can create promotions where the users can log in with their membership numbers. Thus, eliminating the need to ask for any other personal information, therefore reducing friction in the login process.

Advanced Easypromos tips

Coupons with a relative expiration date

You can set a relative expiration date for a set of codes. This means the validity period will start running the moment a code is assigned to a user. E.g., a code set can be configured to be valid for 2 hours after the moment it was assigned to a user. This tool must be used together with the Easypromos “Validation Portal” tool. Promotions offering coupons with relative expiration dates are useful to drive traffic to physical or online shops. For instance, a coffee shop could send a newsletter with a Spin the Wheel promotion offering discounts to attract customers to the establishment during the low traffic hours.

Unblocking stages with a code

All the Easypromos games and promotions offer the possibility to limit access to only those users who have a specific code. Starting from this base concept, you can build Multi-Stage promotions with blocked stages. A good example would be designing a digital “Escape Room” using a multi-stage promotion. Only the users who successfully solve the first stage would be able to get the code to access the second stage. One more advanced example would be combining games with Instant Win promotions. For instance, you create a Word Search game where users who score more than 100 points would gain access to a prize roulette with “silver” prizes; whereas users that score more than 200 points would gain access to a prize roulette with “gold” prizes.

Advanced Easypromos Tips

Instant Win prizes determined by the amount of a purchase receipt

In promotions that require uploading a purchase receipt to participate, it is possible to assign prizes depending on the amount of the purchase. As an example, a shop could offer prizes proportional to the amount spent by each customer. With Easypromos, you can configure discounts as prizes to every customer that participates and condition the amount of the discount to the purchase amount in the receipt. Say there are 15%, 25%, and 50%. You could assign the discounts according to the following range:
Purchases between $10 and $20: participant gets a 15% discount.
For purchases between $21 and $30: participant gets a 25% discount.
Finally, purchases above $31: participant gets a 50% discount on the next purchase.

The system will manage the entire process automatically. The users access the promotion, register, upload their receipt, and will immediately receive an email with the discount correspondent to the amount of their purchase.

Dictionaries, the best way to customize texts

Easypromos is a multi-language platform. User screens are available in Amharic, Arabic, Azerí, Bosnian, Catalan, Czech, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Croat, Danish, Dutch, English (UK and USA)Euskera, Finish, French, Galician, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Indonesian, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil and Portugal), Romanian, Russian, Slovenian, Slovak, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, and Vietnamese. Check the updated list of available languages.

It goes without saying that the promotion organizer can introduce the promotion’s descriptive text in any language. But with the dictionary tool, the organizer can customize all the default system texts.

Dictionaries are common to all the promotions in an account, therefore, once a message style has been defined, it can be used for any other promotion. It is also possible to have several active dictionaries for the same language. This feature is especially useful for brands that use a different tone when addressing their audience. For instance, for a brand that appeals to a younger audience, a message like this could be displayed: “Oops! The email address is not valid”. Whereas a brand that appeals to a professional audience would display a message reading: “We are sorry, we were unable to process your email address. Please make sure to use a valid email address.”

Close a stage when the prizes run out

This feature makes it possible to automatically close a stage once all the available prizes have been given away. This is a useful feature in promotions where the organizers wish to distribute prizes among all the participants until there are no more units available. It is available in promotions with one or more stages and for one or more kinds of prizes. Including prizes for participating, instant win prizes, and prizes given by odds.

An ideal use of this feature would be to automatically close a stage in promotions that offer tickets to shows at different times. The idea would be to create a “check-in” style stage for every show. users would register for the promotion and would see a list of the available showtimes. When clicking on one of the options, the system automatically assigns the tickets to the user. Once the available tickets run out, the stage would automatically close. If several users are participating in the same stage, the system will assign the ticket to the first user that completes the registration and will inform the rest of the users that there are no more tickets (prizes) available for that show.

Advences Easypromos tips

Winners management tool

Easypromos features a random winner selection tool for any promotion that requires users to register. It is not necessary to export users and do a manual selection. Everything is automatically managed in the promotion, contest, or game.

The random winner selection tool in the “winners” section of the control panel allows you to pick the winner(s) from among the users who registered for a promotion. You can choose whether to pick the winners from among all registered users or from a specific segment, defined by the information entered by the user in the registration form or by certain parameters regarding the user’s participation (score, correctly answered questions, stages played, etc.). The tool also allows you to give users additional participations and exclude specific users or previous winners.

The system will provide a public Certificate of Validity for every sweepstakes or promotion carried out on Easypromos stating that the winner was picked randomly. It also generates an animated video showing the winners and alternates. Additionally, the organizer can customize and download the video to share on social media or the organizer’s website.

Creation of sections in multi-game promotions

A little-known feature is the one that allows you to create sections within multi-game or multi-stage promotions.

Using sections in a promotion with multiple stages helps create a narrative that strengthens the promotion’s message and makes the users immerse in a fun and engaging experience. For example, if you configure a promotion with several games, you can use the sections to divide the games by difficulty level: easy, medium, or hard. This allows users to progress through different game levels and feel rewarded as they complete each stage.

Furthermore, you can use the “Link Stages” feature, so that a stage cannot be opened until all the stages of the previous section have been completed. This feature is especially useful in promotions aimed at training or education, where tests can be grouped by topic. E.g. How much do you know about marketing? Are you good are you in finance? How much do you know about HR? This allows users to move from one section to another and motivates them to keep participating and learning.

Giveaways on Instagram Stories

We will finish this list with a new feature that we have recently launched and that we would like to share with you.
The automated giveaway on Instagram Stories app is one of Easypromos’ biggest novelties for 2023. As of today, Easypromos is the only application in the market that offers this feature, thanks to Meta opening the API to access the Stories information.

Giveaways on Stories have two modalities: based on replies and based on mentions. Giveaways based on replies increase the volume of interactions with your brand. Whereas giveaways based on mentions will increase your brand’s visibility. This mechanic is especially interesting as participation ratios are higher to traditional mention + hashtag giveaways since users are less reluctant to participate with their own content if it’s posted as a Story as opposed to a post in their feed.

The working of the Stories giveaway is similar to that on Instagram comments and provides the same options to exclude users, apply filters, and select winners.

We hope you find these 10 advanced Easypromos features interesting and useful. We are sure they will give your promotions an extra level of quality. If you have any questions or would like to share your ideas with us, don’t hesitate to request a video call. We will be happy to help you make the most of your promotional campaigns.