Create an online quiz for your brand and discover its marketing benefits

Marta Roura
Marta Roura
An online questionnaire or quiz might well be the action that your marketing strategy is lacking. More often than not, we overlook the great power they can have for a brand. That's why in this article, we will go over the benefits of launching an online questionnaire or quiz and the different types you can create with Easypromos.

Benefits of an online quiz promotion

If you want to create an online quiz for your brand, you probably already know that this is a widely used information-gathering tool in marketing. By asking a set of questions, businesses or brands can create different dynamics to obtain information from users or customers.

Using the Easypromos Quiz Apps to create an online quiz as part of your marketing strategy has many advantages:

  • Gathering information about the tastes and preferences of consumers or users.
  • Evaluating the users’ knowledge regarding a specific topic, service, business, or brand.
  • Once answered, questionnaires can be analyzed to draw conclusions and/or statistics about an individual or a group.
Create an online quiz - Statistics
  • It is an action that can be carried out 100% digitally by sharing the questionnaire link.
  • It allows you to educate, entertain, and/or engage the online community.
  • Use it to gather contact information from potential customers.
Create an online quiz - Customizable registration form
  • They help increase brand visibility and increase engagement with your community.
  • They can be used to implement loyalty programs by giving away prizes to those who provide feedback.


Kinds of questionnaires to create an online quiz

Creating online questionnaires is a way of gathering information while automatically providing rewards to participants. Let’s take a look at the different types of questionnaires available and at some examples to help you create your own actions:


Create an online Knowledge Quiz

Educate and evaluate your target audience’s knowledge with a trivia-style questionnaire with a general knowledge quiz or a quiz about your company, service, product, etc. Use the Easypromos Knowledge Quiz app to mark the correct options and automatically assign points based on the answers obtained.

Take a look at this example of a Knowledge Quiz by the South African music store Lovemore Music. The brand launched a Christmas Music knowledge quiz with the sole objective of treating its online community to a little fun. The Easypromos Quiz apps offer the possibility of setting up the participation flow so that participants register before or after answering the quiz if you aim to collect data. However, if you simply want to entertain your audience, the quiz can be set to anonymous mode with no registration needed.

Create an online quiz - Knowledge Quiz


Create an online quiz: Product Recommender

Build customer loyalty with a questionnaire to get to know your audience’s preferences and assist them with their next purchases. You will be able to suggest the product that suits them best and present it with a personalized final message based on their answers.

Take a look at this Product Recommender quiz that the online DIY shop Ranzlakaz launched to celebrate Mother’s Day in Mauritius. Participants had to answer a series of questions about their mother to get a recommendation on what would be the ideal gift, plus a 5% percent discount to incentivize the purchase. 

Create an online Quiz - Product Recommender


Create an online Personality Quiz

Entertain users with a Personality Quiz aimed at identifying preferences based on their personality and display a final message based on their answers. 

In the above example, the online travel agency TravelUp launched a Personality Quiz to promote their website and generate leads. The quiz recommended to users the travel destination in the USA that best matched their personality. 

create an online quiz - Personality test


Create an online quiz: Survey

Collect information and gather insight into your target audience’s opinion and behavior with a Survey questionnaire. Configure the questionnaire to include several kinds of questions and customize the registration form to gather the information you wish to collect.

In this example, Actafarma implemented a satisfaction survey with a prize draw for all participants. This strategy allowed the brand to gather insights into product preferences and areas for improvement. Additionally, the brand collected valuable data from individuals interested in its products.

ejemplo de encuesta de fidelización sobre un producto


Create an online quiz: Predictions

Engage and challenge your audience with a Predictions pool. Ask them to guess the outcomes of a series of questions or matches, score the responses once the results are known, and automatically determine which participants have answered the most questions correctly.

In this example, North America’s largest marketing/buying group for construction and industrial supplies AD launched a predictions promotion for the Baseball World Series as part of its AD Rewards Program. The organizers asked participants to predict which team would win the series, how long the series would be, and the total amount of runs scored.

Create an online quiz - Predictions


Make your online quiz go viral

Easypromos provides a 100% self-service platform to create an online quiz for your brand. The tool enables the creation of mobile-optimized interactive experiences with no need for programming experience or knowledge and ready to share across social media platforms.

As the questionnaire is presented as a microsite, it can be easily shared using the URL provided by the promotion editor. Take a look at this example from Catai, a luxury travel brand, which created an online trivia quiz to promote its river cruises and shared it through social media platforms. The Instagram post below shows the contest announcement and the prize. Users were able to visit the profile BIO and click on the link to participate in the contest, which consisted of questions about river cruises. This allowed participants to engage with the brand and interactively show their knowledge. As a result of this action, the brand was able to:

  1. Gather contact details of people interested in this kind of trip.
  2. Wide-reaching advertising of river cruises across social media.
  3. Inform and educate the audience about the characteristics and benefits of this kind of trip.
cuestionario difundido vía redes sociales

Quizzes can also be embedded on any website using the Easypromos widget, giving your promotion a wider reach and allowing you to turn anonymous visitors into contacts.

It’s up to you to decide how to share your quiz. However, a good communication strategy is crucial to achieve your marketing objective.

The kind, quantity, and distribution of the prize can also contribute to the virality of the questionnaire. For example, it is a good practice to hold a final prize draw among all participants or among those who answered correctly. This helps encourage participation in the questionnaire and motivates users to share it with their close contacts because they see the possibility of winning. Additionally, having multiple prizes gives participants a higher chance of winning, which in turn, leads to higher participation rates.

We hope you find these examples useful to create an online quiz of your own. If you have any questions or doubts, feel free to contact our support team, we will be happy to help!

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