Promotions to celebrate a company’s anniversary

Marta Roura
Marta Roura
Once a year, your company or brand has the opportunity to communicate with its audience festively and emotionally. Can you guess which date we're referring to? We suggest celebrating your company's anniversary with an interactive and digital campaign! In this article, you'll find examples of promotions to celebrate anniversaries.

Rewarding customers on their birthdays is a common practice in marketing and communication. It’s a moment for brands to acknowledge customers’ loyalty and foster a connection with them. However, have you ever considered how a company anniversary campaign can strengthen the bond with your audiences (customers, suppliers, employees, partners)? Did you know that through contests and games, you can achieve your marketing goals? In this article, we’ll explain why celebrating your brand’s anniversary is a good idea and provide you with real examples to inspire you.


Why use digital promotions for your company anniversary campaign

Celebrating your brand’s anniversary online can bring about significant advantages. However, having clear objectives is essential to decide what type of campaign and activities to carry out. Easypromos offers a variety of tools and applications to create giveaways, contests, games, knowledge quizzes, and other interactive dynamics to help you achieve your goals.

Still not sure how promotions to celebrate your company’s anniversary can help? Take a look at these marketing objectives you can achieve:

  • Promote your company’s corporate values.
  • Share the success of the company and thank the people who have made it possible.
  • Increase engagement with clients.
  • Reinforce employee commitment.
  • Give the company a more human feel.
  • Generate content for PR actions in the media.
  • Strengthen brand awareness and brand identity.
  • Reward and motivate employees.
  • Recruit and retain talent.
  • Build customer loyalty and generate leads.
  • Gather UCG.


Examples of company anniversary campaigns

Let’s go over some ideas to celebrate your company’s anniversary. These are real-life examples of game and contest-based company anniversary campaigns. Use them for inspiration and start planning your anniversary campaign!


Celebrating the company’s anniversary with a memory game

To celebrate its 125th anniversary, the Spanish brand Borges launched a memory game to celebrate it with its customers, strengthen their brand image, and promote their products. The brand raffled a product bundle valued at 125 euros among all participants, linking this amount to their anniversary.

Company anniversary campaign: Borges memory game


Celebrating the company’s anniversary with a prize wheel

Another fun way to celebrate company anniversaries is with prize wheels. It’s also a good idea to make this an annual thing, turning it into a tradition. Here’s an example from the Wee Nam Kee Chicken Rice restaurant celebrating its 9th anniversary.

Prize Wheel to celebrate the company's anniversary

The restaurant shared this promotion with its clients who, after registering for the promotion with their email address, got to spin the wheel for a chance of winning discounts, vouchers, or products that could be redeemed at the restaurant celebrating the anniversary. This promotion is a good example of how you can make customers’ part of your celebration by offering rewards in exchange for their contact information. Which you can later use in future email marketing campaigns or to increase subscribers to your newsletter.

Redeem Codes promotion to celebrate with your customers

El Rincón, a store specializing in nuts and snacks, celebrated its 40th anniversary by providing codes to all customers who purchased certain products. Users would validate these codes in the app and instantly find out if they had won a prize. The company was giving away a trip to New York, gastronomic experiences, and spa relaxation tickets.

El Rincon Validate Codes promotion


Celebrating the company’s anniversary with a purchase receipt validation campaign

As Cancelas Shopping Center in Spain has a loyalty club led by a fun alien mascot named Celi. The Celi Club has over 20,000 members who enjoy discounts, workshops, shows, and other activities. To celebrate Celi’s anniversary, the center organized a marketing action where users had to validate their purchase receipts to enter a giveaway of a trip or discount coupons.

Company anniversary campaign: Receipt Validation Campaign by As Cancelas Shopping Center


Celebrate the company’s anniversary with a photo contest

The following is an example from the travel website Last Minute and its Photo Contest. The brand asked users to upload a photo of their most memorable, magical, or romantic moment for the chance of winning a ride on the iconic London Eye. With this promotional action, the brand gathered valuable UGC and draw traffic to its website, as the promotion’s access was embedded on their website.

Company anniversary campaign: Last Minute Photo Contest


Multigame campaign to celebrate the company’s anniversary

Our last example comes from the supermarket chain Alcampo and its 40th anniversary celebration. Using the Easypromos Multi Game app, the organizers set up 16 different games that were made available to the public over a period of one month. Participants scored points playing the different games (puzzles, minesweepers, match-it, hidden objects, etc.) that could later be redeemed for prizes. With action, the company strengthened brand awareness and fostered customer loyalty.

Company anniversary campaign: Alcampo Multigame Campaign

As you can see from these examples, interactive promotions require participants to carry out an action to gain benefits. This in itself is a powerful resource for brands, as it provides users with a unique experience and fosters engagement. If you would like to learn more about our platform’s advantages and features, feel free to contact us and request a personalized demo.