Online Prize Wheels to Efficiently Give Away Prizes to Customers | Success Case

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It is common practice for many brands, shops, and malls to have product samples to give away. In other cases, businesses with extensive catalogs allocate products to include as gifts. If any of these is your case, we recommend you to use our Spin the Wheel app to optimize prize distribution among your clients. It’s a fun way for users to try their luck and win gifts or discounts. Learn more about this success case of two Saint Valentine’s Spin the Wheel campaigns.


Multi-Stage Prediction + Tournament Bracket for EURO2020. Confortauto’s Success Case

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In the summer of 2021, the long awaited Eurocup 2020 was finally celebrated and Confortauto wanted to make the best of it to interact with its clients and work on its branding strategy. Consequently, they asked TARSA agency to come up with an entertaining campaign that also fostered some competitiveness.


How to Organize a Drawing Contest to Promote Values | C&A Case Study

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Whenever a brand or business communicates with its target audience, it’s important that it also conveys its core values. Therefore, customers are more likely to remember communications from your brand more positively if those communications are infused with your brand’s ideals. In this C&A case study, we can see how the clothing brand successfully promoted its values of sustainability by organizing a children’s drawing contest. They used social media to promote the campaign and engage families.


Sancor Seguros Celebrated the Copa América with a Social Media Quiz

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Sancor Seguros is a proud sponsor of the Argentinian soccer team. To make the most out of the Copa América, the brand launched a social media quiz that achieved excellent results. And the icing on the cake was that Argentina won the tournament! If you’d like to learn how a Timed Quiz can give your brand’s social media channels a boost while attracting potential clients and enabling you to capture their contact details, read more about this success story below.


Multiple Online Games to Celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Alcampo

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Brands and businesses like to celebrate their anniversaries in style. However, due to the global pandemic, mass gatherings and big events in venues have become problematic, requiring alternative forms of celebration. Alcampo hit on a fantastic way of dealing with this new reality and celebrating their 40th anniversary: organizing multiple online games to build loyalty and boost engagement amongst its customers.


Success Story: An Instant Win Promotion Enhanced Brand Awareness for a Cheese Brand

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Online campaigns are the perfect avenue for product promotion for brands with an online presence. Today we share with you an example of a successful promotional action launched by a Swiss specialist in dairy products. Discover how an Instant Win campaign generated more than 300,000 page views and attracted more than 12,000 unique users.


Event Lead Generation with a Timed Quiz: a Success Case of La Trobe University

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When La Trobe University could once again attend career expos after the COVID-19 pandemic, they wanted a new way of creating engagement to support their lead generation. Together with their new stand, they created a ‘Test your clever’ quiz that event attendees could play on their phones. Learn here how to use a Timed Quiz for your event lead generation.


Shopping Mall Celebrated its Anniversary with a Giveaway for Customers

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Each year, Las Arenas Shopping Mall on the island of Gran Canaria celebrates its anniversary. This year, however, due to the COVID pandemic, it was not possible to celebrate in the mall itself, so they decided to carry out a big prize draw instead. Read on to find out how they celebrated their anniversary with the help of Easypromos.


How to Create an Employee Engagement Quiz: Champions League Predictions

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The online broker DEGIRO has been the main sponsor of Borussia Mönchengladbach since July 2020. When the team made it to Champions League, the company was looking for a way to promote the Champions League matches to also address the sponsorship internally. They did so with a Multi-Round Predictions game; its ultimate goal was to create employee engagement. The employees could make their bets the days before the matches and earn points for each correct prediction for the chance to win team merchandise prizes. Here you can read more about it.


How to Promote Running During the Pandemic

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The COVID-19 pandemic caused the world of sports to stop and then transform. In the case of running, many races were canceled or postponed, forcing race organizers like La Bolsa del Corredor and its running club to come up with innovative and virtual solutions in order to continue motivating their communities. La Bolsa del Corredor organized Rainbow Virtual Series, a multi-race campaign with online registration and results, with the help of Easypromos. In this case study, we go through all the applications used for the campaign and how the organizers promoted their virtual events. The outcome speaks for itself: the organizers are already working on the 2021 edition of the virtual race.