Sancor Seguros Celebrated the Copa América with a Social Media Quiz

Kamila Palka
Kamila Palka
Sancor Seguros is a proud sponsor of the Argentinian soccer team. To make the most out of the Copa América, the brand launched a social media quiz that achieved excellent results. And the icing on the cake was that Argentina won the tournament! If you’d like to learn how a Timed Quiz can give your brand’s social media channels a boost while attracting potential clients and enabling you to capture their contact details, read more about this success story below.

The agency

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Brote AD is a digital agency of 25 professionals, specialized in digital marketing. The agency identifies the business needs of its clients and works with them to provide a comprehensive solution to enhance their brand or product.

The client

Sancor Seguros logo

Sancor Seguros is an insurance company with over 70 years of experience. Founded in 1945 in Sunchales, Argentina, it has since expanded into Uruguay, Paraguay, and Brazil.

The objectives of the Sancor Seguros Copa America campaign

Sancor Seguros frequently looks for ways to boost customer engagement and brand awareness on their social media channels. This time, the company was looking to:

  • Organize a fun social media marketing action
  • Generate brand presence on social media and draw attention to Sancor Seguros’ sponsorship of the Argentinian soccer team
  • Extend the reach of their Facebook and Instagram posts, and grow their following
  • Expand their database

the social media posts by sancor seguros promoting their timed quiz for copa america

Timed Quiz that appealed to fans of the Argentinian soccer team during the Copa America

In order to meet the objectives, the brands launched a social media campaign during the Copa America. Participants were invited to participate in an online quiz and answer five questions about the Argentinian soccer team. Some of the questions were general (top scorer), while others asked specifically about the Copa America (number of titles, biggest win, most recent scorer, and number of goals scored in the tournament by the top scorer).

The Sancor Seguros Timed Quiz launched for Copa America

In order to generate greater engagement and rivalry, there was a 30 second time limit for each question. The participant found out straight away if their answer was right or wrong. Users who correctly answered all the questions entered a giveaway for a chance to win three official team shirts. The prize draw took place in the presence of a public notary. Sancor Seguros announced the winners of the three official shirts on their social media channels.

For the duration of the contest, the organizers changed the cover image of their Fan Page in order to give further visibility to their campaign. They also created Stories and added them to the Story Highlights on their profile, along with a direct link to the promotion. Sancor Seguros also added direct links to their social media channels so that participants could easily follow them.

Instagram profile of Sancor Seguros showing the Story Highlights promoting the campaign

Campaign promotion: how the organizers promoted the Copa America Timed Quiz

Sancor Seguros published numerous posts and stories on their Instagram and Facebook profiles. Emojis, stickers, questionnaires, surveys, and a swipe up to the app made the Stories interactive, and therefore more attractive. The organizers also opted for social media ads in order to generate more visibility and attract more participants. Newsletters were sent to customers of Sancor Seguros, as well as people who had participated in previous contests.

Screenshot showing different stories used by Sancor Seguros to promote their campaign

Results of the Timed Quiz promotion

The action got great results in terms of both, participation and reach.

  • 35,147 users took part in the contest (an average of 1,400 daily participants).
  • 1,077,559 users viewed posts about the contest.
  • The campaign generated 34,608 interactions.
  • The brand grew their Facebook and Instagram accounts by the total of 6,398 new followers.

The opinion shared by the organizers

Thanks to all the hard work that we and Sancor Seguros put into this campaign, we surpassed the objectives we’d set ourselves. We managed to make this one of the most popular social media marketing actions in the history of the brand. We chose to use the Timed Quiz due to its practicality and due to the fact that participants could immediately find out whether they’d answered correctly and, if not, what the correct answers were.

Andres Giuliani

Social Media Manager, Brote AD