Water Park Marketing: Attract Customers with a Coupon Campaign

Kamila Palka
Kamila Palka
Seasonal businesses have the unenviable task of staying top of mind with their target audience. The peak season is when the majority of seasonal brands make the most of their yearly profits and when their main focus is on attracting as many customers as possible. The recent campaign launched by Annagora Aquapark is a great example of seasonal marketing. Read on to find out how the Hungarian water park grew their mailing list and attracted customers with an impressive summer coupon campaign.

The agency

Doppio Creative is a digital marketing agency based in Budapest, Hungary.  Founded in 2014, the agency offers a wide range of digital solutions to their mostly Hungarian clients. Doppio Creative provides services for small and medium-sized businesses. The agency also provides high-quality support to pharmaceutical and fast-moving customer goods companies.

The client

Annagora Aquapark is a family-friendly water park near Lake Balaton – a very popular summer destination for local and international tourists in Hungary. Annagora’s waterslides, pools, and wellness area attract Balatonfüred visitors. 

Objectives of the water park marketing campaign

Annagora Aquapark is a seasonal business that started the summer with a customer-driven promotion. The brand was looking to make the most out of the summer by boosting sales and attracting customers to the park. Apart from increasing the number of visitors, the organizers also looked to grow their mailing list for future marketing communications. 

Annagora Aquapark tasked Doppio Creative to launch an innovative and creative campaign. It was the third year in a row that the brands worked together to acquire new customers and newsletter subscribers.

The successful coupon campaign launched by Annagora Aquapark and Doppio Creative

Coupon campaigns work well for anyone looking to capture new customers. People that register in such promotions have an initial interest in the brand or product. Therefore, it is very likely that they will end up redeeming the coupon or code. The agency and their client analyzed different possibilities to come to an agreement that distributing coupons was the most adequate action for their objectives.

coupon campaign

The campaign launched by Annagora Aquapark invited online users to subscribe to their newsletter. In return, all registered participants obtained a guaranteed coupon for a 20% discount on entrance fees. However, the organizing brand and agency wanted to ensure that the potential participants had a strong enough motivation to enter the promotion. “We combined the coupon campaign with a random giveaway among all the users that shared their contact information with Annagora Aquapark. Five random participants won family tickets to the water park. The double incentive successfully increased the number of newly acquired subscribers”, explained Péter Sipos, marketing consultant, and partner at Doppio Creative. 

coupon campaign

The marketing agency created and uploaded 3000 unique codes to the Easypromos Coupon application. Each registered user obtained a unique single-use barcode coupon, redeemable at Annagora Aquapark. The water park cashiers were equipped with a scanner so that they could check the coupons’ validity. 

Note: The Easypromos platform allows you to display coupons as barcodes, QR codes, or alphanumeric codes.

Promotion dissemination and final results of the water park’s campaign

Annagora Aquapark and Doppio Creative are both Hungarian companies, and the water park’s target audience is the local community. For this reason, the campaign was launched in Hungarian, using the Easypromos language feature, which according to the agency behind the promotion “works very well.” Easypromos apps can be launched in more than 30 languages. The organizing brand can customize each button text and link. 

aquapark coupon app campaign

“We have a very loyal and engaged fanbase on our social media channels so we mostly promoted the campaign with sponsored posts on Facebook and Instagram”, said Peter Sipos. “We wanted to convert social media followers into subscribers, so this time we didn’t use email marketing to promote the campaign”. 

coupon campaign, facebook post

The successful coupon campaign was launched as a season-opening promotion looking to attract customers and boost brand awareness and brand recall of Annagora Aquapark. The promotion was active for six days, during which the water park grew their mailing list by 1237 new contacts. “It’s a significant step forward in growing our email database”, said Sipos. The voucher holders who didn’t redeem the coupons by the middle of July received a reminder convincing them to use the coupon and visit the water park. 

The summer campaign met the audience’s approval. The entrants were excited about the promotional coupons and the giveaway of five family tickets. The double incentive encouraged social media sharing and boosted engagement.


When we first looked to launch a coupon campaign we tried many different platforms. That’s how we found Easypromos. We’ve been using the Easypromos platform for three years now as it has all the features that we need. The ease of use of the coupon app and the fair pricing have made Easypromos our go-to platform. (…) The Easypromos app works like a charm.

 -Peter Sipos-

Marketing consultant and partner at Doppio Creative