Quiz Apps

Easypromos is a flexible, robust and 100% self-service platform to create branded surveys, quizzes and questionnaires. All our apps are optimized for mobile devices and sharing on social media. Use quizzes to educate and entertain your followers online, capture data from sales leads, increase brand awareness and build real engagement with your community. Create promotions where users answer questions and share contact details in return for rewards.

Discover the 5 Easypromos Quiz Apps:Convert participants into leads

  • Knowledge Quiz

    Entertain and educate users with a quick quiz on any theme. Assign points to the correct answers. Offer rewards and personalized messaging based on users' results.

  • Product Recommender

    Entertain and educate potential customers with a questionnaire about their likes and preferences, and suggest them the most adequate product. Prepare a personalized final message based on their answers.

  • Personality Quiz

    Collect user data and increase engagement with a fun personality quiz with closed questions. Offer rewards and personalized messages based on users' results.

  • Survey

    Collect user data and market research with an online survey. Configure the quiz with various questions, and adapt the entry form to obtain all the information that you need.

  • Predictions

    Collect data and entertain users with a fun predictions contest. Let them guess the results of sports events and assign points to users' guesses. Once you know the real scores reward the participants with most accurate answers.

Main featuresof the Easypromos Quiz Apps

  • Ready-made, responsive templates

    Launch a quiz or survey in under 10 minutes - no programming skills needed! Use our intuitive promotion editor with ready-made quiz templates. All our apps are fully responsive and customizable.

  • Customizable quiz editor

    Use the editor to create questions and answers, choose an app layout, and select colors, fonts and images. Add your own copy, images and logo for a fully branded experience.

  • Combine different question types

    Choose from open questions, multiple-choice questions, sortable answers, drop-down lists, autocomplete fields, and ratings. Illustrate questions and answers with images and video.

  • Scoreable answers

    Define the answers to your quiz questions, and the app will automatically calculate each users’ score. Use scores to segment participants or select winners.

  • Personalized quiz results

    Set up different quiz results and final messages based on users’ scores. Messages can include photos, gifs, videos, HTML editing, and external links. Follow up with customized emails based on users’ quiz results.

  • User registration form

    All our quiz apps include a fully customizable registration form, so you can collect the data you need. Ask users to sign up in order to view their results. Includes tools for GDPR compliance. Alternatively, you can choose to deactivate the form and enable anonymous participation.

  • Incentives and rewards

    Manage prizes and pick winners by hand, with a random prize draw, on registering, or by instant win. Increase conversion rates by offering incentives to users. Includes tools to contact winners, announce prizes, award multiple prizes, and more.

  • Integrated email platform

    Send emails to all participants, or customize your messaging for individual segments. Create, design and send emails automatically without leaving the app. Use messaging to confirm users’ scores, send rewards, encourage social shares, and more.

  • Manage users and reports

    The platform automatically registers all user activity and generates reports. Available statistics include page views, user sources, conversion rates, answer percentages, social shares, and more.

  • Viral quizzes and surveys

    Apps designed for sharing. Users can share quizzes and surveys on any social network, and encourage their friends to join in. Offer incentives for users who refer a friend. Customize shareable content to maximize your brand impact.

  • Integrations

    Sync your list of quizz respondents with email lists, CRM, and other databases. Easypromos offers direct integrations with a wide range of third party apps, APIs, and webhooks.

  • Widgets and web hosting

    Publish your quiz as a stand-alone webpage and share the link on any digital channel. Customize the domain name for extra branding. You can also embed quizzes on your website or blog, display them as pop-up windows, and even add them to your Facebook Page.

  • Information security

    Easypromos is certified to ISO 27001 and 27081 standards, to guarantee the data security of your contests and offer a trustworthy, reliable, robust, and efficient service.

Main benefitsof using quizzes and surveys

  • Gamified promotions help you attract, retain and engage more of your audience online.
  • Collect data from users and convert them to customers. All our apps include tools to get user consent, in full compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  • Increase brand awareness and product awareness with your target audience, when you create a fully branded experience.

Frequently asked questions

How many questions can I add to the quiz?

You can add all the questions necessary for your quiz.

Is it possible to make the questions conditioned by the previous answer?

No, it's not possible. The questions are the same for all participants.

Can the users see their answers in the quiz?

Yes, it's possible. You can enable the summary page in the quiz where the users will see all their answers.

Is it possible to make the users register before answering the quiz?

No, it's not possible. The users should answer the quiz first and then register.

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