Easypromos Fraud Control System

Easypromos Fraud Control System

Easypromos provides a comprehensive tool with 11 security controls to monitor and prevent fraud in your voting contests. You’ll also have access to the Fraud Index – a tool that will inform you if there are indications that a user has committed fraud, enabling you to determine the validity of his/her entry. The Easypromos Fraud Control System will help you to detect and prevent bad practices; avoid disputes between participants; and host transparent and fair voting contests for your community. 

Table of contents

Main features

  • Online vote buying is currently one of the most common practices for obtaining votes quickly. Easypromos offers a security control to detect this practice.

  • A fake account is an account that is not connected to an authentic identity. Easypromos will detect participants who attempt to use fake accounts to cast multiple invalid votes.

  • Easypromos keeps an up-to-date database of accounts that have been used to buy votes in the past and accounts that are tagged as fake. In order to vote, users of these accounts must go through an extra verification process to prove that their accounts are real.

  • When a user wants to cast multiple votes in a short space of time, special software is usually utilized to automate this action. Easypromos includes a control to detect this software and send alerts to the administrator.

  • The majority of users who commit fraud with their votes employ the same techniques. Easypromos keeps a record of these patterns which is referred to each time a vote is cast.

  • In order to minimize the use of robots or other vote automation systems, Easypromos includes captchas as well as extra automatic checks in case of suspicious voting activity being detected.

  • Enable double email opt-in as an extra security step. Users will receive an email that they must use to verify their identity before their vote can be accepted as valid and counted. As well as minimizing the use of stolen and fake accounts, this provides contest organizers with a database of authentic, high-quality email addresses.

  • When an invalid vote is detected, an internal alert is registered, linked to the participant whose entry is being voted for. These alerts are classified according to the type and degree of intentionality or seriousness. The administrator can analyze the alerts registered for each participant from their Control Panel. The alerts can also be downloaded to a file for perusal.

  • The Fraud Index is calculated by Easypromos. It shows the probability that the votes received by a user were obtained by fraudulent means. You can include the Fraud Index in your Terms and Conditions as a determining factor for validating a participant's entry.

  • A report that indicates the Fraud Index is generated for each participant. This is based on the total number and type of alerts registered to their entry. The administrator can share this report with the user in order to justify the validity of the entry.

Resources and help

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  • How does the Voting system work?

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