Fraud Control System

Fraud Control System

Marketing campaigns where users can win prizes often attract individuals attempting dishonest or fraudulent practices. Online voting contests or promotions offering direct prizes, such as a prize wheel, are the types of campaigns that tend to accumulate more fraud attempts. Thanks to our accumulated experience managing digital promotions, Easypromos has designed and maintains a comprehensive security system that detects and blocks malicious practices. Your campaign success starts with its security.

Fraud Control System Main Features

  • Malicious IP Addresses Control

    Easypromos keeps an updated database of IP addresses with a history of fraudulent activities, allowing for the blocking of access attempts. Includes a list of malicious proxies and VPNs

  • Malicious Email Addresses Control

    Easypromos maintains a database of temporary and prohibited email domains to prevent fake users from registering to improve the quality of registrations. This includes detecting and blocking email aliases, as well as an email address verification system.

  • Malicious Phone Numbers Control

    Easypromos keeps a database of temporary and prohibited phone numbers to prevent users attempting to abuse contests with fake phone numbers from registering. Additionally, it includes a phone number verification system via SMS.

  • Anti-bot system

    All promotions feature a system to detect and block automated access from computer programs and scripts. This includes tools like reCaptcha, CSRF tokens, parameter masking, and more.

  • Two-factor authentication (2FA)

    Easypromos' registration system enables the activation of multiple identification methods, including social login, email login, and phone number. Two-factor authentication can be enabled with SMS or email verification for added security.

  • Security Center

    The promotion administrator can access a control panel featuring all detected and blocked security events and records. It also offers tools to analyze IP and email addresses in the promotion, with the option of blocking users and keeping blacklists.

  • Easypromos Security Team

    Easypromos has a specialized team that monitors contest activity and several security indicators. This team proactively works to block fraudulent practices and enhance the security system.

  • Voting Contests Fraud Control

    Automatic blocking of fraudulent vote attempts. Additionally, the administrator has tools to analyze votes and bloc fraudulent users.

  • Online Games Fraud Control

    System to detect attempts of manipulating time and scores in games such as Puzzle, Memory, or Word Search.

  • Prize Redemption Fraud Control

    Tool to prevent users from attempting to redeem a prize twice or duplicate coupons in a promotion.

  • Purchase Receipt Validation Fraud Control

    Fraud detection system for promotions that require uploading purchase receipts using OCR technology to detect fake or duplicate purchase receipts.

  • Security Level Indicator

    This tool helps the organizer configure a secure contest, providing warnings and recommendations to enhance security. Don't let a configuration error spoil your campaign!

Fraud Control System Resources and Help

  • How does the fraud control system work?

    Learn more about the tools and parameters used by Easypromos to keep promotions safe and transparent.

  • What are the newly created temporary domains?

    Learn more about them and why they pose a threat to the quality of your database and how Easypromos neutralizes them.

Fraud Control System FAQ's