How to use Easypromos in the finance and insurance sector

Promote your products and services

Promote your products and services on digital channels

Promote your products on channels wherer consumers frequently engage: social media, news portals, or streaming services. Take advantage of these digital channels to promote your products and services through giveaways, games, and quizzes, in a less formal manner. These interactive dynamics garner a good response from the target audience because they are engaging and often come with a prize or incentive associated with them.

lead capture

Capture leads and generate conversions

Use the most engaging dynamics at any given time (a game, a survey, a giveaway), and personalise the entry form. All Easypromos microsite-type promotions allow you to configure registration forms to include the information you are most interested in collecting from the participants.


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improve brand positioning

Improve brand positioning with digital contests and promotions

The relationship between the financial sector and social initiatives is a well-established global trend and a recurring brand positioning strategy. Organise photo, video, or text contests to select or support social initiatives and collect user-generated content.

promote the use of your app

Promote the use of your mobile app with promotions exclusive for users

Encourage the use of your mobile app by integrating exclusive promotions for users. Offer exclusive benefits to your app users. Integrate Easypromos promotions and engage your customers by providing discount coupons, rewards programs, or accessible giveaways to incentivize app downloads and usage.

capture leads in trade fairs and congresses

Generate leads at conferences and fairs

Organize interactive promotions during conferences and fairs. Display a QR code on your booth for visitors to scan and participate in gamified activities. Distribute prizes and rewards and collect potential clients' contact information.

profit from sponsorships

Profit from your bank or insurance entity sponsorship deals.

Use interactive dynamics such as games, raffles, and quizzes to promote the sponsorships or patronages of your brand. Use them to give more visibility to corporate social responsibility actions.

Easypromos apps to promote financial and insurance services

Interactive marketing resources for the finance and insurance sector