Kettlewell Colours Expanded Database with 5000 New Contact Details

Easypromos team
Easypromos team
Learn a helpful use of the Quiz app. This success case brand hosted a Quiz on its website to offer an indication of the best products for each customer. Learn how the Quiz worked and its strengths as a marketing tool.

The Client


U.K.-based Kettlewell Colours sells a collection of women’s wardrobe essentials in a wide range of colours. Colours are coded according to a seasonal colour analysis (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter) making it easy for customers to shop by enabling them to filter products to only see the colours suitable for their season.

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The Campaign

Kettlewell Colours wanted to expand their mailing list through a simple, fun Product Recommender. The promotion offered an indication of which season a prospective customer might be. The quiz was hosted on the Kettlewell Colours website, therefore the questions were very precise, as the personalized message received at the end of the quiz could influence the participants’ purchases.

Having not done a digital promotion before, the company also wanted to ensure that the quiz was easily shareable with the company’s more than 4000 Facebook followers.

Why Easypromos

The company felt Easypromos offered the best fit as the Product Recommender application was very customizable, intuitive to use and provided a great selection of settings. Further it enabled the company to utilize a microsite which was preferable as they were not able to embed third party software on the website. Additionally, Easypromos offers the White Label option, which means that there were no links to other quizzes at the end. The promotion was also easily added to the Kettlewell Colours Facebook page.

Further, Easypromos also provided detailed analytics which helped the company to modify questions, ensuring the greatest level of accuracy of answers participants were provided in the end.

The Promotion

Utilizing the Easypromos platform, Kettlewell Colours created a Product Recommender promotion called “Which Season Are You?”. Customers were asked to choose from 4 possible answers to a series of 9 questions to ascertain if they were Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter.

Product recommender kettlewell

The Outcome

Kettlewell Colour’s “What Season Are You?” quiz became a popular part of the company’s website with more than 11,000 entrants having taken the quiz, resulting in an additional 5,000 unique email addresses added to the customer database to date.

The popularity and usefulness of the promotion showed the company that it is an important gateway for reaching new prospects that may not be ready to pay for a full colour analysis. It gives participants a fun indication of their season and which can lead to a full, comprehensive colour analysis as a next step.


“Easypromos was very helpful in adapting its platform to suit our needs. The customer service is excellent – speedy and helpful. Their website is easy to navigate and it was very straightforward to set our quiz up. The quiz looks good and works well. We have had very good feedback from our customers who seem to enjoy the quiz and find it useful. It has been a very successful addition to our website.”

-Diane Aldred –

Kettlewell Colours