Why use Easypromos in your digital marketing agency?

save time and money

Save time and resources

Take advantage of pre-configured digital promotions, saving you considerable time and resources. You won’t have to invest valuable time in programming and developing promotions from scratch while expanding the services you offer to your customers. Focus on creativity and story-telling in your campaigns without having to worry about the technology. 


Offer more flexibility to your clients

Easypromos allows you to adapt promotions to the specific needs and preferences of your clients. You can customize any Easypromos dynamic in terms of design, content and game mechanics to create unique experiences. The configuration is very flexible, which will allow you to adapt immediately to briefing changes or last-minute surprises from your clients. 

increase revenue

Increase your turnover

When a brand launches a promotion, a tool like Easypromos only represents a fraction of the total cost of the action. The rest is what the agency provides: creativity, day-to-day management and campaign analysis. With Easypromos you have a lever to grow your turnover with minimal risk.

successful campaigns

Successful promotional campaigns

Promotional campaigns for large brands can be very complex, both due to the volume of participation and the management of the campaign itself. With Easypromos you have the security of a robust platform, tested with millions of users and prepared to automatically scale if your promotion grows.


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Integration with other marketing tools

We know that you clients want and request ownership of the personal data obtained in promotions, that is why we are integrated with the main CRM, email marketing and marketing automation platforms, to make the transfer of data as simple and transparent as possible. From the promotion to your client’s system in real time.


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achieve objectives

Cover all your clients' marketing needs

Easypromos dynamics allow you to work on your clients’ main marketing objectives: lead generation, branding, engagement and loyalty. With a single tool, you can manage all the promotional needs of the clients in your portfolio.

constant innovation

Continuous innovation to surprise and inspire

Easypromos is a platform in constant evolution. Your clients will always be up to date, both in terms of promotional dynamics and in relation to giveaways and contests that can be launched on social networks.