How can you use Easypromos to organise the voting for your contests?

candidats management

Manage the candidates

Upload your candidates and organise them by categories or subcategories. You can associate multimedia content for each candidate: images, videos, documents, links, social networks, etc.

voting awards gallery

Create as many galleries as you need

Once you have all the candidates ready, you can create as many public galleries as you need. For example, you can create a gallery for each category of your contest.

online awards voting process

Votes through registration

In order to vote, users must register. Registration can be done through multiple identification methods, according to your preferences: email, social logins, mobile phone registration, registration with validation against an external system. Easypromos identifies and blocks users who attempt to register with temporary emails.

anti-fraud system

Anti-fraud system

Easypromos incorporates an advanced tool to ensure that votes come from real people and not bots or computer programs. The security system monitors, detects, and reports in real-time all potentially fraudulent votes. 

voting awards embeded

Integrate the voting into your system

You can organise a voting contest among all registered users of your website or app. In this case, Easypromos integrates with your user system through the Autologin API. This way, users won’t need to log in again to vote. 

detailed analysis

Get detailed analytics

Analyse the behaviour of voters and the popularity of candidates with Easypromos’ analysis and statistics tools. Use this data to keep improving from one edition to the other of the Award contest and better understand the preferences of your community.

link to vote candidate

Encourage virality

Easypromos provides a unique URL for each entry and candidate of the contest. Stimulate competition among candidates by encouraging them to promote themselves and their nomination. This will not only boost participation but also increases the reach of your event and competition. 

announce the winners

Acknowledge and communicate the winners of the competition

Once the voting is completed, announce the winner(s) publicly. Easypromos allows you to create a digital award ceremony that all participants can enjoy, reinforcing the sense of community and celebration. 

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