About us

When you’re moving fast, it’s easy to say, “don’t sweat the small stuff.” But we see things a bit differently.

How it all started

We launched Easypromos as a simple, customizable promotional application on Facebook in 2010, when digital promotion through social media was only a blip on the screen of most marketers.

Our history has put us in the driver’s seat in shaping an industry.
Trabajar mano a mano con clientes de todo el mundo

By working hand-in-hand with clients around the world, we listen for the “small stuff” that makes their lives easier, adapting our platform to be 100% problem-free, while also providing the best experience for the participant. The result is one of the most complete platforms out there, empowering marketers with the best tools to engage with their audience, generate leads, attract an audience to a point of sale, gather feedback and reward customers for their loyalty – all through social media.

From our humble beginnings, you can now create more than 30 different types of promotions with Easypromos, including giveaways, contests, quizzes, surveys, loyalty programs across all social media tools and devices.

  • Carles Bonfill

    Carles Bonfill

    Co-Founder and CEO

  • Miquel Bonfill

    Miquel Bonfill

    Co-Founder and Board Member

  • Agustí Pons

    Agustí Pons

    Co-Founder and Board Member

  • Brian McNeil

    Brian McNeil

    General Manager - North America

  • Marian Jubany

    Marian Jubany

    Customer Care

  • Sílvia Martí

    Sílvia Martí

    Marketing and Communications

  • Marta Roura

    Marta Roura

    Marketing and Communications

  • César Pujolás

    César Pujolás

    Marketing and communications

  • Jose J. Priego

    Jose J. Priego

    Video marketing

  • Sílvia Esteve

    Sílvia Esteve

    Business Development

  • Randi Jensen

    Randi Jensen

    Business Development

  • Elisabet Frigolé

    Elisabet Frigolé

    Graphic Design

  • Tatiana Planellas

    Tatiana Planellas


  • Juan Álvarez

    Juan Álvarez

    Customer Care

  • Aude Gangiotti

    Aude Gangiotti

    Customer Care

  • Marc Mateos

    Marc Mateos

    UX Development

  • Edgard Massot

    Edgard Massot

    Systems and Development

  • Jordi Vila

    Jordi Vila

    Back-End Development

Our locations


C/ Bonastruc de Porta, 20, 5º
17001 Girona

Contact us at hello@easypromosapp.com


Briarhill Dr.
Stratford, Ontario
N5A 7S2

Contact us at salesusa@easypromosapp.com

Easypromos is a registered trademark, as well as the visual assets that form part of its brand identity. You can download the Easypromos logos and use them but they cannot be altered. Contact us if you have further questions.

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    CMYK: 100 90 0 2

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