Automatized sending of emails Easypromos

The Email Platform permits you to manage and program all the communications of a promotion or contest via email.

Main Features

  • Program and automate the email platform

    Create an email and program when it is to be sent to the contest or promotion participants. You can schedule it to be sent on a specific date; or after a particular event has taken place within the promotion, such as a user registering for a sweepstake, a user’s friend registering, or a user achieving an objective.

  • Segment your email recipients

    Decide who you will send your email to: all the participants or just some of them, based on specific characteristics such as their age, gender, country, etc. You can also segment them by the achievements or objectives of users: points accumulated, votes obtained, friends recruited, winning users, or correct answers obtained.

  • Customize the communication with your name and image

    Configure the email with the name, email and signature of your brand. Design and upload images to customize the email template that will reach your users.

  • Individualize the message for each participant

    Utilize the variables (smart tags) to personalize each email template with the details of each participant. This way, you can address each user by name, you can show them the evolution of their particular participation, you can indicate how they should invite their friends to participate or vote, and you can even remind them of their individual promotional code.

  • Send attachments

    Attach up to 3 files to the emails to complete the content of the communication. Send coupons, instructions to how to redeem the prize or code, or information about the product that was of most interest to the survey participant, etc.

  • Configure and send notifications

    Create emails addressed to the promotion administrators or collaborators so that they receive, straight to their inbox and in real time, a message informing them of events as they occur during the promotion.

  • Validation of emails

    Activate and customize an email that will be sent automatically to all registered users so that they can verify their email address. This will help you obtain a quality database. It will also allow you to distribute a coupon or validate the participation in a sweepstake or contest if a user has previously validated his or her email address.

Start now

Register now and access the control panel. You can set up a promotion and contact participants with the user-friendly email tool.

Resources and help

  • Commonly used emails

    Discover the most common configurations for automatizing communication with your participants.

  • Technical tutorial

    Consult the tutorial that will guide you through the Emails Platform from the beginning.

Frequently asked questions

Can I see an online example of a Spin the Wheel promotion?

Yes, you can click on this link to see a real example of an online prize wheel. It's a demo so you can participate and spin the wheel.

What's the price for creating a Spin the Wheel promotion?

You can create your first Spin the Wheel promotion from 100€ per month. If you want to create several games or promotions, you can purchase a monthly plan for unlimited use from 149€/month.

Can I run a contest where participants can upload photo or video?

Yes, in the Photo and Video contests you can allow users to participate with a video or a photo. This way, in the contest gallery you'll see both videos and photos from the same promotion.

Can I organize a combined photo and video contest?

Yes, you can let contestants participate with a photo or with a video, and that way increase participation. In the same contest gallery, you will find both photos and videos together.

Can I combine a writing contest with a photo contest?

Yes, in the writing contest, you can allow the users to participate by adding a text or a photo, or both at the same time. In the gallery of the contest, you will see both the text pieces and the photos from the participants.

Can I run a contest where users can participate with photo or video?

Yes, you can allow users to participate in the contest with a photo or a video. In the contest gallery, you will see both types of content together. In the setup of the integrations, you can choose which type of content you wish to import.

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