Applications to give away prizes

Easypromos is a robust and 100% self-service platform to create apps to give away multiple prizes instantly. All the apps are optimized for mobile devices and ready to use in all digital formats. Use them to turn social network users, website, e-commerce, and blog visitors into new leads, as well as to increase customer loyalty and boost sales.


  • Scratch & Win

    Increase engagement by asking users to try their luck and scratch the panel to see if they get a prize. Enhance brand awareness with this dynamic and gather leads for your email marketing strategy.

  • Instant Win

    Capture leads with this contest that distributes prizes depending on the moment the user registers. Increase your community’s engagement by distributing prizes instantly and allowing users to try their luck several times.

  • Distribute Coupon Codes

    Drive traffic to the point of sale, incentivize purchases and reward loyal customers with coupons, discounts or free gifts and promotional codes. Customize the entry form and the terms and conditions.

  • Redeem Codes

    Reward customer loyalty with an exclusive promotion available only to users with a valid code. Upload the redeemable codes to the app and define the kind of prize that users get when they register: an instant prize, a discount, or entering a final prize draw.

  • Validate Receipts

    Build customer loyalty with an exclusive promotion in which users validate their purchase receipts from your brand or shop with the app. You can verify the uploaded receipts and validate them prior to offering the reward.


  • Plannify the prize distribution

    The prize management system allows you to program the prizes that you intend to distribute in the app, prior to activating the promotion. This way, you can plannify the prize distribution and automate the whole process. You can set the prize amounts and customize the messages for each prize, as well as link them to a promotional code or generate QR codes to optimize the prize delivery.

  • Decide how to distribute the prizes

    Depending on the amount and kind of prizes, you can choose from several options. All apps have a random winner selection system. However, you can also link the instant prize to the winning moment, odds, points scored, or requirements met. Likewise, the system allows to award prizes to all registered users, the typical “always win” that gives away a prize to all participants on the final page.

  • Customizable registration form

    Create a registration form and edit it to get the data you need. Set up terms and conditions for your campaign and get consent to your privacy policy, disclaimer, and email opt-in. Export user data as a CSV or Excel file, or via webhooks or REST API.

  • Ready-made responsive templates

    You don’t need coding skills to run a customer loyalty program. Use our intuitive promotion editor to customize the app templates and add your branding. All our apps are responsive and work on any mobile device. You will be able to configure your app in no time and our live chat team is always there to help.

  • Manage unique promotional codes

    Our coupon apps include a tool to upload unique codes and use them to validate participation or award prizes. The system will manage entries and link each code to a unique user. Track which codes have been assigned and when they get used.

  • Customizable design and branding

    Use the promotion editor to customize every image and message in your coupon campaign. Add your own texts, images, logos and corporate colors. Includes CSS, JavaScript and HTML5 editor for advanced users.

  • Custom coupon editor

    Use the coupon editor to create and design an A4 coupon which can be downloaded or emailed as a PDF. Customize the background, images and texts, and add dynamic fields such as participant’s name, unique code, barcode or QR code. Move or resize elements with our simple drag & drop interface.

  • Integrated email platform

    Send emails to all participants, or target a specific segment. All our coupon apps include tools to create, design and send automated emails from within Easypromos. Use messages to deliver personalized coupons, remind participants of rewards, and more.

  • Manage users and reports

    Easypromos automatically registers user behavior and generates reports. Statistics include page views, user sources, conversion rates, validated codes, social shares, and more.

  • Viral tools

    Participants can share your coupon campaign on any social network and invite their friends to participate. Reward participants with incentives when they refer a friend. Customize shareable content to reflect your branding.

  • Integrations

    Sync your list of participants with email lists, your CRM and other databases. Easypromos offers direct integrations with a wide range of third party apps, APIs and webhooks.


  • Reward customers with prizes and incentives for their brand loyalty.

  • Capture participants’ data and turn them into leads and followers. All our apps include tools to fully comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

  • Increase brand awareness and promote your products by offering discounts and deals to your target audience.

Frequently asked questions

Can I show an instant prize promotion on my website or blog?

Yes, it's possible to embed the promotion using the widget system. You can, for example, show the promotion as a pop-up, or as if it were an image in the text. 


What kind of online prizes can I give away with an app?

With Easypromos’ Instant Prizes apps you can distribute a wide array of prizes and gifts among your audience. Its prize management system is set up to planify prize delivery to those who register in the app according to preset conditions like: odds, score, instant win, price for participating, etc. Furthermore, you can implement a gamification dynamic such as Spin the wheel, Trivia, or a game. You can also distribute coupons and promotional codes by preloading them in the app or by allowing it to generate unique QR codes to identify the winners.


Why should I give away prizes and gifts to my followers and users?

Rewarding your audience is a standard practice to increase brand awareness and loyalty. Furthermore, by distributing your products you capture your audience’s attention and collect their contact details which you can later use for your email marketing campaigns.


Can I distribute the prizes depending on the amount of visitors?

Yes. There are apps that allow you to control the odds and amount of times that a prize is awarded. You should modify this probability according to the amount of participants that sign up to the app. You can also determine the specific moment to award a prize so that only the user that registers at that time wins. Another option, for example, is to award one prize for every 10 users registered, or only to those who score a certain amount of points. Our customer support team can help you configure the Instant Prizes app according to your needs.


Are you interested in our Instant Prizes apps but have some questions? Contact our sales team.