Why should you choose Easypromos for your recurring sports events?

generate expectation with giveaways

Use giveaways to build up expectation

Launch collaborative giveaways with sponsors on social media to capture your audience's attention. You can also run Entry Form Giveaways to generate leads for your email marketing campaigns.

create excitement with betting pools

Generate excitement and increase engagement with prediction games

Offer viewers the opportunity to predict the results of each round. Provide prizes and rewards to those who guess correctly or hold a final draw among participants who have achieved the most accurate predictions.

interact with the attendees

Interact with your audience during the competition or in between events

Challenge spectators to demonstrate how much they know about their favorite sport or team through quizzes. Include QR codes on event tickets that viewers can scan to access the contest. Reward those who achieve the highest score with prizes or hold a final prize draw among participants.

voting sport competitions

Involve spectators with online votes

Involve fans in choosing the best player in the competition, the best play, the most exciting match, etc. Participants can vote from a selection of candidates previously chosen by the organizers or allow participants themselves to propose candidates.

more visibility for your event

Boost your event visibility with UGC contests

Organize a multimedia contest to select the best images and moments of the competition. Ask attendees to submit their photos and videos of the competition to gather high-quality content that you can use to promote future editions. Choose the winners through a jury, popular vote, or a combination of both.