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Use our Video Contest app to organize a video contest where users can enter with registration or from Instagram and Twitter. Increase online visibility and awareness of your brand or product via multimedia content generated and shared by your followers.

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Video contest

Create an online video contest that you can publish on your social networks and your website to let your followers enter the competition. Users can participate with registration or via Instagram and Twitter by using a hashtag. Participants will be able to take part with their Youtube, Vimeo, Instagram and Twitter videos, as well as by uploading a video stored in their smartphone or pc. All the videos will be displayed in a gallery which you will be able to fully customize and make public. Moderate videos to select the videos to be published in the gallery. Viralize and extend the reach of your video contest by activating voting, track and display the vote count and share entries on social networks. Decide how you will select the winner of the video contest: by public voting, or by carrying out a final giveaway among all participants. Social media marketing tools like a video contest can positively impact your online presence.

Main Features

  • Accepts any video format

    Accepts any video format

    Users will be able to participate with videos from Youtube and Vimeo, and additionally you’ll be able to enable the Video Hosting extension to allow users to upload the video file directly from their mobile device or desktop computer. The application handles the whole process to accept any video format, ensuring an optimal streaming of the videos.

  • Enable participation via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

    Enable participation via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

    Allow participation from any of these social networks by enabling a contest tab on your Facebook Page and defining a hashtag for users to participate via Instagram and Twitter. Try the demo

  • Unlimited storage space and bandwidth

    Unlimited storage space and bandwidth

    You can enable the Video Hosting extension which offers unlimited storage space so that there is no limit on the total number of videos that can be uploaded in the contest. It also offers an unlimited bandwidth for streaming of videos, and a customizable video player without ads. The Video Hosting Extension is necessary if you want the users to be able to upload their videos directly from their device.

  • Moderate and publish the videos uploaded by users

    Moderate and publish the videos uploaded by users

    Receive a notification for each new entry so you can accept it before it's published in the gallery. This way you can avoid unwanted content to be displayed. Activate the gallery to show the videos. These can then be played, voted for, commented on and shared.

  • Select the winner by public voting, jury or a giveaway

    Select the winner by public voting, jury or a giveaway

    The platform provides tools for filtering, moderating and determining the contest finalists, as well as assigning extra entries based on the number of votes and selecting the final winners. The winner selection can be done via public voting, a jury or a random giveaway with certificate of validity.

  • Fraud Control System

    Fraud Control System

    The platform provides the fraud control system with 11 security controls for monitoring the voting and preventing invalid votes. You’ll also have access to the Fraud Index for each participant, a tool that calculates the probability that votes received by a participant come from fraudulent practices.

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Register now and access the control panel from where you can create and configure a video contest, see all the options and preview exactly how it will look upon publication.


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This Application is not available in Basic version


Premium $100 80 promotion

If you are already familiar with Basic, and are looking for more advanced options, such as

  • Recommended for promotions with up to 10,000 entries.
  • Access to the Premium Design Template, with more customization options.
  • Platform to automate the sending of emails.
  • Full customization of the registration form.
  • Third-party integrations (Twitter, Instagram, MailChimp, Dropbox, Google Analytics).
  • Advanced statistics.
  • Moderation of entries.
  • “Video Hosting” Extensión (+ $99 USD): Unlimited bandwidth and unlimited video storage space.
White Label

White Label $250 250 promotion

The most complete version including all Premium functionalities, as well as:

  • Recommended for promotions with unlimited number of entries.
  • "Created by Easypromos" is not displayed in any screen of the application, and footer can be customized with your own brand.
  • No reference to the Easypromos brand when sharing the promotion.
  • You can create a single promotion in multiple languages.
  • You can use your own domain.
  • Developers: Use your own CSS styles, HTML and Javascript code.
  • Developers: Access to the API and Webhooks for real-time exporting of entries.
  • Recommended for large brands and agencies who want their own promotions platform.
  • “Video Hosting” Extensión (+ $99 USD): Unlimited bandwidth and unlimited video storage space.

Video contest Combine it with...

  • Coupon codes

    Upload them to the application, presenting them to participants in the final screen as a prize for taking part.

  • Writing-based contest

    Allow participants to submit written comments or titles for their videos.

  • Photo contest

    Provides a choice between uploading a video or a photo, and then complementing the entry with a title or written comment.

  • Sweepstakes

    Finalize the promotion by using this tool for randomly choosing the winner/winners.

  • Instant win

    Award prizes randomly to users at the moment in which they finalize their participation.

  • Surveys

    Complete the contest with a survey to get to know the tastes of your participants.

Complete features

Would you like to see what the user experience is like? Try an online demo of a video contest.

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Case studies

Sales Talent Agency
case 01
National talent video competition

Discover how easy is to set up a video competition app and uploading thousands of video presentations from students. Easy to set up, to participate and to vote.

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case 02
A Video Contest Helped Reach Scientists and Increase Awareness

With the Video Contest #scienceflash the EMBL reached scientists from many countries while increasing awareness of their events programme. With short videos the participants showed what they are working on for a chance to win a cash prize.

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case 03
Give Patients a Voice

The International Osteoporosis Fund gave a voice to patients with this video contest, where osteoporosis patients could share their experiences and advice for others. The winning video team will take a trip to Paris!

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Fundación Junior Achievement
Startup Programme
case 04
Video voting contest

Discover how to create a platform for uploading video presentations and selecting the best via public voting.

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Resources and help

Technical tutorial

If you have questions about the video contest, this tutorial will explain how to set it up.

View tutorial

Need some ideas?

Here you’ll find various suggestions for promotions based on the video contest and its various possibilities.

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Additional information

Learn more about the principal benefits, advantages and features of a video contest.

More information

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