Do you want to put your town or region on the map? Do you need to promote tourist spots or boost all-year-round tourism?

Welcome to our travel and tourism ideas hub! See real examples of successful tourism marketing campaigns and get inspired by our ideas and tips for effective promotional actions. We provide you with pre-configured templates for running giveaways on Instagram or Facebook, as well as tutorials on how to use our platform. We’re excited to offer you all our expertise to help you create your next tourism campaign.

So get ready to take a deep dive into our range of tourism marketing resources and to learn how to use them to grab the attention of customers around the world.

Our resources for travel and tourism marketing ideas

  • Promote your brand with tourism giveaways on social media

    World Tourism Day, on 27 September, is the perfect day for tourism companies to run social media giveaways. But the fact is that Instagram, Facebook and Twitter giveaways are accessible, easy to organize, and available to brands all through the year. So, if you’d like to promote your brand on social media, start by organizing a comment-based giveaway for users. This will enable you to boost the visibility of your post, increase awareness of your brand, and gain new followers.


  • Some ideas for promoting hotels and tourist accommodation

    It’s increasingly common for people to book their stays in hotels and tourist accommodation online after looking at web pages, hotel comparison sites, and social media. For this reason, the actions that hotels can take online can help them stand out from the competition, especially during the summer holidays. Use social media promotions for your tourism marketing campaign and boost your brand like never before.


  • Promote tourist destinations with our creative ideas

    There are many ways of attracting tourists to your destination or establishment through online channels and social networks. Depending on what your main marketing objective is, one promotional dynamic might interest you more than another. Below, you’ll find some success stories showing you the options best suitable for you.

    With our photo contest templates you’ll find it simple to organize your online promotion and encourage participants to share their photos of your tourist destination in order to gain votes. In this way you’ll boost diffusion and awareness of your brand or tourist destination while collecting user-generated content.

  • Examples and ideas for promoting restaurants and local businesses

    Restaurants, bars and other catering businesses are an important part of the tourism sector. There are many types of online promotions that they can use to attract customers. Here are some ideas and templates for promoting restaurants and bars as part of tourism marketing campaign.


  • Travel and transport agencies: ideas for promoting your products

    After a very tough couple of years for the travel and passenger transport industries, it’s time for companies to start raising brand awareness among consumers once again. That’s why online promotions are such a good idea. Take a look at the following ideas and put into practice the one that fits your budget and marketing goals the best. They all come with templates to make your life easier!


Frequently asked questions

How can I promote a tourist destination online?

There are lots of ways to advertise your region, town or tourist attraction. Social networks and online channels make it possible for you to reach an extremely wide audience. Often, one-way advertising doesn’t cut through, so it’s much better to use interactive dynamics such as games, promotions, sweepstakes and contests to grab people’s attention. It’s now very easy to implement this type of online action thanks to platforms like Easypromos.

Is it possible to capture data from online users interested in my tourist destination in a way that’s cost-effective and transparent?

Yes, there are actions you can carry out on social media that will generate plenty of interest and interaction from your audience. Examples include contests, quizzes and games. If you add an incentive—such as access to a prize giveaway or discount codes—you’ll soon see that this is a very effective way of obtaining data from users interested in your destination. The key is to call attention to your promotion and offer a stay at your destination as a reward, thus ensuring that all participants are interested in your product.

Easypromos apps allow data to be captured in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), making it possible to obtain the express consent of users for the brand to communicate with them at a later date.


If this is my first time launching an online tourism campaign, which type of promotion should I go for?

We always recommend starting with a simple giveaway on social media. For example, a comment-based giveaway on your Instagram profile will enable you to promote your brand to an interested audience. Display your product as a prize and ask users to participate by commenting on the post with their response to a question that you ask. In this way you’ll see how the audience responds and you’ll start to familiarize yourself with these types of promotional actions.

Can I see examples of promotions and contests from the tourism sector on social media?

Yes, there are already plenty of brands that develop interactive campaigns on social media and online channels. On this tourism marketing microsite, you can see examples, demos and tourism promotion templates.



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