How to use Easypromos in the tourism sector

promote your destination

Promote your destination on social media

Boost awareness of your tourism products and services with social media giveaways, where many destination searches and travel decisions and bookings are made. Increase your number of followers and attain greater visibility for your brand or destination.

Recommend destinations with quizzes

Recommend destinations with quizzes

Share personality or knowledge quizzes about your destination so that your audience discovers more about its key attractions and wants to travel there. With interactive dynamics, you will obtain their attention as well as their contact information.


Increase your sales conversion with gifts and discounts

Users love to receive direct prizes, who doesn’t? Offer discounts and advantages redeemable at the destination you want to promote, to encourage potential visitors’ booking decisions. For example, a puzzle that reveals the destination's most popular attraction and distribute a discount to everyone who solves the challenge.

brand ambassadors

Turn tourists into brand ambassadors

Organize a contest about your city, region or destination and promote it among tourists visiting the area. In exchange for prizes or an entry in a random draw, travellers will share their experiences and help you gather valuable user-generated content, as well as recommendations for future visitors.

improve visitors experience

Enhance tourists’ experience with interactive dynamics

Take the tourist experience at your destination to the next level by launching interactive dynamics. Incorporate digital games and quizzes into the tourist routes to challenge visitors, provide them with more information about the site, and obtain their contact information.

direct prizes

Distribute direct prizes to capture data from future tourists

Share prize wheels and other direct incentive dynamics to engage with an audience interested in your destination. Ask for their contact information in exchange for trying their luck, and you’ll thus obtain an email marketing list of potential customers.

digital coupon book

Create a digital coupon book to promote local businesses

Upon arrival at the destination, the tourists scan a QR code that allows them to access direct discounts from local shops. Offer added value to tourists by offering a single landing page with all discounts and special offers, while providing visibility to the businesses of the touristic area.

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