How can I use Easypromos to promote my product?

Social media giveaway

Host a social media giveaway

Giveaways on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter help promote your brand, with much more reach than with an informative post alone. Raffle one of your products or services to make an impact on your target audience and turn them into active participants.

Promote sales

Encourage product consumption by rewarding buyers

Offer exclusive promotions to users who purchase your products. Request customers to upload a purchase receipt as proof of acquisition. Validate it using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology and allow the clients to enter a Prize Wheel, Scratch card, or enter them in a random draw, with extra entries for each new purchase made.

Promote recurring sales

Encourage repeat purchases with an online loyalty card

Build customer loyalty with a digital stamp card. Each time clients buy your products, they can validate the purchase online and earn a new stamp to complete the card and receive a reward.

Online games

Provide online games to enhance brand awareness and online impact

Get your audience to interact with the brand for a longer period of time with branded personalized games. For instance, showcase your new makeup line with a memory game and raffle several units of the new products among the players who get the highest scores.

Giveaways with influencers

Launch giveaways with influencers

With Easypromos, you can organize a collabortive giveaway on Instagram with an influencer and combine participants from all posts, whether from the brand or the content creator. Easypromos provides transparent solutions to select the winner on other social platforms. Share a certificate of validity for all random draws to let your users know the brand always runs fair and transparent campaigns.

Promote new products

Spread the word about your new products or services

Use surveys to catch users’ attention and share information about your new products or services. Ideal for a new product launches, especially when you need to gain relevance and visibility before encouraging consumption. 

Turn followers into customers

Convert followers into users of your products

Distribute discount coupons and prizes among the target audience to attract new consumers. Reach a new audience by promoting the campaign on social media and digital channels, both organically and through ads.

lead conversion

Turn your customers into brand ambassadors

Gain more visibility and credibility by organizing photo or video contests where the consumers are the ones showcasing your product. We offer different contest dynamics that you can use to collect user-generated content. Reward participants with prizes to motivate the audience to become brand ambassadors. 

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