STAR Combined Educational Quiz and Instant Win Prizes All in One With Terrific Success!

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With this campaign we’ll show you how Borges USA – STAR Fine Foods gets creative with calendar-based, themed events to drive timely interest, education and engagement with over 80 prizes and 17,000 participants in a promotion that combines a Quiz with Instant Win opportunities. Plus, we will expose some of the amazing features of the Easypromos platform highly sought after by brands like STAR.


Chicco UK Celebrates Mother’s Day with a Multi-Post Facebook Sweepstakes

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Babycare brand Chicco celebrated Mother’s Day in the UK with an enormous Facebook giveaway. Here’s how they teamed up with the agency HROC to plan and carry out the sweepstakes.


How to get the contact information of thousands of potential customers in only a few days

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Along with the Spanish company Boolino, we’ll here explain how to obtain the contact info of thousands of potential customers in only a few days. The application used to achieve it: recruiters combined with the email platform. The results are without a doubt very surprising because with this action that was carried out in December 2016, the company obtained 20,827 participants in only 9 days. After seeing the success of the campaign, the company repeated with a second similar campaign where 11,800 users participated. But the campaigns are not just a few lucky isolated actions, they are part of a long-term strategy based on what in marketing terms is known as “Member get Member” whose main idea is to reward the existing customers and motivate them to bring new potential customers. It’s a very effective resource and more if you add the social networks’ immediacy and possibilities to make viral. “Who better to bring you new customers than your existing customers?”


A Multi-Lingual Photo Contest helped reach young people all over North America

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A photo contest is a great way to engage your target audience and collect user-generated content that can later be used in offline actions. And with the multi-lingual tool you can reach users in different languages at the same time and only manage the one promotion. That was the most important issue for CEC – Commission for Environmental Cooperation. They needed to create the photo contest so that users from both Canada, Mexico and the United States could participate easily in their own language. The CEC had run another photo contest before but manually with participations via email, but using Easypromos’ Photo Contest app saved them a lot of work and time.


Kettlewell Colours Uses Simple Quiz to Add 5,000 Unique Email Addresses to Customer Database

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Learn a helpful use of the Quiz app. This success case brand hosted a Quiz on its website to offer an indication of the best products for each customer. Learn how the Quiz worked and its strengths as a marketing tool.


Facebook Timeline Contest Using Video Increases Brand Exposure Through Cross-Promotion

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As companies and brands become more familiar with the benefits of digital promotion via social media channels, they are also taking advantage of cross-promotional opportunities which leverage the followers of companies with complementary products and services. The following case study showcases how two companies partnered in a digital promotion to significantly increase reach and awareness of their brand through a Facebook Timeline Contest.


Experiential Marketing Via a Multi-language Photo Contest

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Experiential marketing seeks to create an emotional connection between a brand and its clients. This connection can then serve as an effective brand ambassador. It’s about selling an experience rather than merely a service. Such was the thinking behind the #h10moments promotional campaign launched by H10 Hotels. This blog post will provide an in-depth description of H10’s campaign.


How to embed a quiz combined with a coupon in a website to entice customers and increase sales

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This case study examines the action carried out by a company who wanted to create a quiz and embed it to their website in order to open up dialogue with the customer, educate their target about the product, encourage referrals, social sharing and word of mouth. It was combined with a discount coupon to encourage customers to buy direct from the website. The company confirms it was a great idea to learn more about their customers and move them to make the purchase soon.


Using Facebook Sweepstakes as a Long-Term Strategy for Boosting Your Fan Page

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Facebook Timeline Sweepstakes, particularly those held on Page Timelines, are one of the most popular promotional resources currently in use on Facebook. This is thanks to the efficiency and excellent results that they deliver. Together with Registration Sweepstakes, they offer the perfect combination for a long-term strategy. In this post we outline the winning formula used in a highly successful campaign by María Lunarillos.