Coupon Apps

Easypromos is a robust self-service platform to create apps and share coupons and promotional codes. All our promotional apps are fully responsive and optimized for sharing on social media, your website or blog. Use them to boost your customer loyalty program and convert leads to committed customers.


Discover our coupon and promotional code apps:comprehensive tool for loyalty marketing

  • Distribute Coupon Codes

    Drive traffic to the point of sale, incentivize purchases and reward loyal customers with coupons, offers, free gifts and promotional codes. Personalize the entry form and terms and conditions.

  • Redeem Codes

    Collect user data and reward customer loyalty with exclusive promotions, accessible only to those with a valid code. Upload the codes to verify, and customize the type of prize that users get when registering. It can be a direct prize, a discount, or participation in a final prize draw.

Main features of the Easypromos coupon apps

  • Ready-made, responsive templates

    You don’t need coding skills to run a customer loyalty program. Use our intuitive promotion editor to customize the app templates and add your branding. All our apps are responsive and work on any mobile device. Get started in less than 10 minutes!

  • Customizable registration form

    Create a registration form and edit it to get the data you need. Set up terms and conditions for your campaign and get consent to your privacy policy, disclaimer, and email opt-in. Export user data as a CSV or Excel file, or via webhooks or REST API.

  • Manage unique promotional codes

    Our coupon apps include a tool to upload unique codes and use them to validate participation or award prizes. The system will manage entries and link each code to a unique user. Track which codes have been assigned and when they get used.

  • Customizable design and branding

    Use the promotion editor to customize every image and message in your coupon campaign. Add your own texts, images, logos and corporate colors. Includes CSS, JavaScript and HTML5 editor for advanced users.

  • Custom coupon editor

    Use the coupon editor to create and design an A4 coupon which can be downloaded or emailed as a PDF. Customize the background, images and texts, and add dynamic fields such as participant’s name, unique code, barcode or QR code. Move or resize elements with our simple drag & drop interface.

  • Set criteria for coupons and rewards

    Easypromos includes a comprehensive system for managing and assigning rewards. Set up rules for coupon assignment, such as coupons for everyone who registers, or answers a quiz correctly, or achieves a minimum number of points… It’s up to you!

  • Integrated email platform

    Send emails to all participants, or target a specific segment. All our coupon apps include tools to create, design and send automated emails from within Easypromos. Use messages to deliver personalized coupons, remind participants of rewards, and more.

  • Manage users and reports

    Easypromos automatically registers user behavior and generates reports. Statistics include page views, user sources, conversion rates, validated codes, social shares, and more.

  • Viral tools

    Participants can share your coupon campaign on any social network and invite their friends to join. Reward participants with incentives when they refer a friend. Customize shareable content to reflect your branding.

  • Integrations

    Sync your list of participants with email lists, your CRM and other databases. Easypromos offers direct integrations with a wide range of third party apps, APIs and webhooks.

  • Widgets and web hosting

    Publish your contest as a stand-alone webpage and share the link on any digital channel. Customize the domain name for extra branding. You can also embed contests on your website or blog, display them as pop-up windows, and even add them to your Facebook Page.

  • Information security

    Easypromos is certified to ISO 27001 and 27081 standards, to guarantee the data security of your contests and offer a trustworthy, reliable, robust, and efficient service.

Main benefitsof coupon apps and promotional codes

  • Promote your products by offering discounts and deals to your target audience. 
  • Reward customers with prizes and incentives for their brand loyalty.
  • Capture participants’ data and convert them into leads and followers. All our apps include tools to fully comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Frequently asked questions

Can I show the promo code promotion on my website or blog?

Yes, it's possible to embed the promotion using the widget system. You can, for example, show the promotion as a pop-up, or as if it were an image in the text. 

Can I easily create a personalized discount coupon?

Yes, you can create a personalized coupon with your brand and the user's data and you can also show each user's unique code as a QR code. The coupon editor allows you to create the coupon inside the platform so the users can download it and you can also send it to them on email. 

Can I give and validate codes online without need for programming?

Yes, with the Easypromos apps you don't need programming skills. You just have to decide on the promotional action you want to create.

Which kind of codes can I create and validate online?

You can distribute all types of alphanumeric codes: QR codes, barcodes EAN-13, barcode 128, barcode 39, or any other code generated by the brand that uses numbers and/or letters. For the online validation in the Easypromos Validation Portal, you can validate alphanumeric codes and QR codes.

How can I use promotional codes and coupons?

The main objective of using digital promotions to distribute or validate promotional codes is to incentivize sales. They are also good for building loyalty with the customers by offering them an incentive for repeat purchases or a prize or benefit for each purchase.

Are you planning a loyalty rewards campaign? Want some advice? Contact our sales team!