Code validation: How to reward your customers on Facebook

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Would you like to reward consumers of your products? Would you like to encourage your customers to become fans of your Facebook page? Would you like to organize a prize draw for a closed group of users? With the aim of helping you give recognition to those users who are loyal to your brand, we offer ‘Redeem your code’ type promotions. These enable you to develop promotional activities aimed exclusively at your customers or at a specific public. In this post we explain how this type of promotion works and we also give you some ideas about carrying out promotions exclusively for your customers on your Facebook page.

Here are the contents of this post:

1. Objectives and benefits of ‘Redeem your code’ promotions

2. Some practical ideas for using this type of promotion

3. General description of how ‘Redeem your code’ promotions work

4. How to set up a ‘Validate your code’ promotion

1. Objectives and benefits

‘Redeem your code’ promotions are aimed at consumers of your brand and products. The objectives behind creating a promotion of this type can be the following:

  • Reward your customers. One way to build loyalty with consumers is to give them an incentive each time they buy or consume your products. ‘Redeem your code’ promotions offer you a fast and easy way to organize a prize draw on your Facebook page for all users who have bought one of your products.
  • Make your customers into fans. You have a Facebook page, which you check and update daily, providing special offers and quality content to your fans. Nonetheless, many of your customers and clients don’t yet follow you on Facebook. ‘Redeem your code’ promotions enable you to attract new clients to your Facebook page, and these can then easily become fans by clicking on the ‘Like’ button.
  • Create a prize draw for a closed group of users. We all like to feel special and part of a group. If you manage a private club you can offer promotions and discounts exclusively to one particular set of users or to a chosen audience.


2. Some practical ideas

Redeem your code1. Do you own a store? Then why not carry out a prize draw among customers who buy your products? To reward customers what could be better than offering them an incentive to buy from your establishment? Just by buying an article from your store the client receives a card with a code that enables him or her to enter a prize draw held on your Facebook page. Only those fans who know the code will be able to enter the prize draw.



Redeem your code2. Do you give lectures or courses? Thank attendees by holding a prize draw. If you like taking part in lectures, training courses and workshops and sharing your ideas and knowledge in your area of expertise, an original way to create complicity with your attendees is to thank them with a gift. At the end of the event, give all those taking part a card with a code that they can validate via your Facebook page in order to enter a promotion. Plus, you can take full advantage of the application’s registration form by conducting a user satisfaction survey: you can find out what people thought of your talk or workshop and collect their contact details.



Redeem your code3. Do you manage a private club? Then why not offer exclusive promotions? If you manage an online shopping club, organize exclusive promotions for your members: for every purchase made, offer the user a code. They can then use this code to take part in a promotion on your Facebook page. In this way, the promotion is aimed at a closed group of users, since only those who form part of the shopping club can register for the promotion.



Redeem your code4. Do you have an online store? Incentivize your customers to make future purchases. Offer a reward to all users who make an online order: offer them a code that they can use to enter a prize draw on your Facebook page. In this way you encourage them to return to your online store and, via the promotion registration form, you can also obtain their personal details for your database of subscribers.


3. What is the user’s experience like?

As we have seen, ‘Redeem your code’ promotions enable you to supplement any type of promotional campaign, both online and offline. In exchange for performing an action (buying a product, attending an event, making an order, etc.) the customer receives a code from your business that allows him or her to participate in a promotion or prize draw on the company’s Facebook page.

So, unlike Easypromos’ ‘Promotional codes’ promotions (in which the user obtains a code upon registering for a promotion), in the ‘Redeem your code’ contests, the process is exactly the opposite: the user who accesses the promotion already has a code which has been previously supplied, perhaps upon purchasing an item from a physical store, or simply by being a member of a private shopping club.

Once the user has the code it must be validated via the application. To do this, the user must access the Facebook page on which the promotion is being carried out, fill in the registration form and introduce the code. This is the key to ‘Redeem your code’ promotions: only those users who have a valid code can register; the application checks that the code is valid. If it is, the user can finalize the registration process and enter the prize draw:

Write code

If the code is not valid, the user will not be able to register:

Invalid code

This ensures that the promotion remains exclusive for the group of users that you wish to reward – whether for their loyalty or because of their membership of a private club, etc.

To carry out a prize draw you have the Easypromos application tool for selecting winners that allows you to hold an automatic prize draw among all the clients/users who have registered their code with the application. To give your prize draw complete transparency, once the prize draw is held a certificate of validity is issued. This advises that the draw has been carried out randomly from within the application.

You can also incentivize your users with coupons and promotional codes, (i.e., only users who have a valid code can receive a coupon or promotional code.)


See online demo of a ‘Redeem your code’ promotion


4. How to set up a ‘Redeem your code’ promotion

This type of promotion is available with the Premium and White Label versions of Easypromos. They allow you to pre-load all the valid codes to the application, enabling your customers to participate in the promotion.

To learn how to set up a ‘Redeem your code’ promotion, follow this link.


Carles Bonfill

Easypromos CEO and co-funder