Shopping Mall Celebrated its Anniversary with a Giveaway for Customers

Sílvia Martí
Sílvia Martí
Every year, Las Arenas, the shopping mall located on the island of Gran Canaria celebrates its anniversary. In 2020, however, due to the COVID pandemic, it was not possible to celebrate in the mall. Instead, Las Arenas decided to carry out a big prize draw for all its customers. Read on to find out how they celebrated the anniversary with the help of Easypromos.

The client

Las Arenas Shopping Mall in Gran Canaria has been open for business for 27 years. It is the busiest shopping mall in the Canary Islands, and one of the busiest in all of Spain. Its campaigns attract tourists with special promotions. They also offer personalized attention at their tourist stand.

Estimado Jose Alfredo is a creative marketing agency based in Valencia. Taking its inspiration from the concept of Creategy (combining rational strategy with wild creativity), this agency provides clients with innovative, groundbreaking campaigns. Their motto is “good strategy results in the best creative marketing.”

The campaign: the mall’s 27th-anniversary celebrations

What better reason for a mall to organize an event than the opening anniversary? Such events usually attract plenty of visitors and energize the venue. But, since a live event was out of the question due to the COVID-19 lockdowns, the shopping mall had to find a different way to celebrate its 27th anniversary. The agency in charge devised a campaign that would enable the mall to celebrate and reward the customers while avoiding crowds.

Among the prizes was a KIA car, vouchers of up to €1,000, and hotel accommodation for four people. The organizers used the Redeem Codes app to distribute the prizes.

shopping mall giveaway organized by Las Arenas

How did the promotion work?

  1. To take part, visitors had to go to the shopping mall’s information stand with their receipts of purchase. 
  2. At the information stand, they received a code that they later redeemed via an online app, in which they also left personal information. 
  3. Prize winners were selected via a random draw from among all those who redeemed their codes. The Easypromos platform provided a Certificate of Validity for each prize draw.

Each participant was registered with a unique identification number. This meant they could upload more than one code and participate various times without having to register again. The more participation codes registered in the app, the greater chances of winning the final draw.

Code validation promotion organized by a shopping mall celebrating their anniversary

The dissemination of the giveaway campaign

Las Arenas promoted its 27th-anniversary giveaway via social media commercials, Google Ads, and exclusive newsletters.


The online campaigns directed people to the shopping mall’s website where users could redeem their codes. This tactic helped Las Arenas to boost website visits; they could easily share important information about the shopping mall.

Additionally, the organizers put up a stand in the mall promoting the giveaway. There was also the car: the biggest prize on offer.

shopping mall giveaway, car giveaway

The results of the anniversary giveaway

Las Arenas Shopping Mall received more than 10,469 entries from 3,270 unique participants. Of these participants, more than 2,000 took part via the website, which meant website visits increased significantly.

The random giveaway picker tool made it possible to select winners of seven different prizes and present them transparently on the Winners Page, together with the Certificate of Validity. It helped organizers optimize the time spent on the giveaway.

giveaway shopping mall


This year, 2020, Easypromos has become – more than ever – the perfect solution for carrying out promotional campaigns for shopping centers in the safest way possible.

– Estimado Jose Alfredo-

Creative Marketing Agency

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