Instagram Giveaway

Carnival Instagram Giveaway

Create an instant Instagram promotion for Carnival! Run a Carnival giveaway for users who comment on a post on your Instagram profile. Ask users to answer an open question, for example, "What's your Mardi Gras costume?" Update the template to describe the prize, and edit the participation dates. Then publish the post and images on your profile and Stories. You can also promote your Instagram giveaway on other social media channels.

What do you get with the template?

  • Draft text of the giveaway post, ready to edit and publish.
  • Image to use in the giveaway post, free to edit, use, and share.
  • Image to promote the giveaway in your Instagram Stories, free to edit, use and share.
  • Giveaway guaranteed by Easypromos, with a certified link. Instagram does not endorse or sponsor this promotion.
  • Ready-made template for terms and conditions (download and fill in your company's contact details).
  • You'll receive an email with everything you need to create your Instagram giveaway.
  • This template is free to test and configure.