How to use Easypromos to reward participants with Virtual Coins

customizes brand virtual coins

Customize Your Brand's Virtual Coin

Choose the name and image of the virtual coin for your promotion and display it in the messages to communicate the rewards earned by participants.


Try it on this DEMO.

virtual coins each purchase

Grant Virtual Coins for Each Purchase

Reward participants with coins each time they upload a purchase receipt, a promotional code, or other proof of purchase.

points for coins

Coin Allocation Rules for Games

The Easypromos games allow participants to earn coins instead of points. As they play, participants will collect coins, which they can later redeem for prizes or rewards within or outside our platform.

rewards page

Rewards or Prize Redemption Page

Customize a page to show the campaign's prizes and assign a cost in coins to each. Users will then redeem their coins to obtain the prizes.


See the Rewards Page.

e-mail prize redeemed with coins

Automate Email Sending

Send an automatic email every time a participant redeems coins for a prize, and use this opportunity to share instructions. You can also distribute promotional codes as prizes.

connect loyalty program

Integrate Your Loyalty System

The virtual coin system can integrate with any loyalty program. Expand your program's possibilities by integrating it with the Easypromos virtual coin API. Create games on Easypromos, let participants earn coins, and sync them with your program.

coins prizes user management

Coins, Prizes, and Users Management

Participants can check their accumulated coin's balance any time and redeem them for available prizes on the rewards page. As an administrator, you can view all users' coins and manually add or remove them.


Statistics on Redeemed Prizes

Analyze your promotion's performance: prizes awarded, most redeemed gifts, user participation, types of devices used, and more.

Use Virtual coins with the following Easypromos applications