How can you use Easypromos to increase user engagement?

Launch giveaways on social media

Launch giveaways on social media to encourage interactions with users

Organize giveaways on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other other social media platforms to boost engagement in posts. Encourage your audience to interact to enter the giveaway, and significantly increase brand visibility and reach.


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Use games to entertain

Use games to entertain and enhance the bond between users and the brand

Games are an ideal strategy to capture the audience's attention and persuade them to participate in the brand’s promotions. They generate a higher engagement because they combine the power of gamification with the incentive of prizes.

Reward users

Reward users who participate frequently

Incorporate gamification elements into your promotions, such as ranking, points, votes, or coins. Offer rewards to participants who engage with the brand’s promotions, and you’ll increase engagement.

Challenge participants with quizzes

Challenge participants with quizzes

Challenges, riddles and trivia games generate a lot of engagement among users because they allow individuals to test their knowledge and demonstrate their skills.

Reward brand lovers

Reward brand lovers and boost their engagement

Organize contests for customers to demonstrate their connection with the brand. You’ll turn them into brand ambassadors, foster their loyalty, and reinforce their engagement.

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