How to build customer loyalty with Easypromos?

long lasting dynamics

Develop long-lasting promotional actions

Use Easypromos to create and manage dynamics that reward customers for their purchases and participation. Offer direct prizes or redeemable points to encourage repeat purchases and build loyalty.

stamp card

Create a digital stamp card

With Easypromos, you can create a digital stamp card to reward recurring buyers at your establishments. The card doesn't require downloading any app or using a Wallet and provides a quick and straightforward experience for buyers and sellers.

user system integration

Integrate Easypronos with your user system 

If you have a loyalty app or a private user area, you can integrate Easypromos to enhance them and offer over 40 additional engagement dynamics. The Easypromos' Autologin API provides your customers with a completely transparent process.

customized experience

Customize the user experience 

Segment your customers based on their interests and previous behaviors to offer personalized promotions and prizes. With Easypromos, you can create campaigns that will uniquely resonate with the different segments of your audience.

continuous and relevant communication

Engage on continuous and relevant communication 

Use Easypromos' transactional email platform to send personalized automatic emails based on the customer's behavior during the promotion. 
Emails containing information related to the customer's behavior have a higher open rate than any other type of email.

celebrate special dates

Celebrate special dates

Capitalize on relevant dates for your customers, such as anniversaries or birthdays, to send them special and exclusive promotions. Easypromos' unique promotional codes system will help you manage these actions.

feedback and improvement

Feedback and continuous improvement

Use surveys and questionnaires to gather valuable feedback from your customers. Use Easypromos to analyze the collected data and improve your products, services, and experiences. Show your customers that their opinions matter and contribute to continuous improvement.

social media engagement

Boost engagement on social media 

Create exclusive contests and giveaways for your social media followers. With Easypromos, you will make it easy for your customers to interact and participate on your social media accounts, increasing their engagement and sense of belonging to the brand's community.

gather testimonials

Gather reviews and testimonials

Ask your customers to share their experiences and testimonials. Use Easypromos to organize story or review contests that will provide you with authentic and valuable content and will make your customers feel heard and appreciated.