Why use Easypromos to gamify your sales strategy?

motivate through challenges

Use challenges and rewards to motivate your team 

Create challenges that increase the motivation of sales teams and distributors. Setting clear goals and offering rewards for achieving specific objectives fosters a healthy competitive environment that improves overall performance.

exclusive customization

Exclusive Customization 

Customize the aesthetics, narrative, game rules, prizes, and duration of the challenges. The resulting dynamics will be unique and tailored to the specific needs of your sales department.

training and development

Training and Development

Through gamification, not only are sales incentivized, but also professional learning and development. Easypromos can be used to design games that include educational components, such as product quizzes or sales techniques, helping to improve the team's skills while having fun.

internal comunication

Improvement in Internal Communication 

Games and challenges help improve communication within sales teams and distribution channels, helping keep everyone informed about goals, policies, and changes in sales strategy.

reward distributors

Reward Your Distributors 

These dynamics work for both your team and your distributors. Use games with direct prizes to reward distributors who achieve their global or product-specific sales targets.

themed competitions

Create Themed Competitions

The UEFA Euro, Olympics, Oscars, Champions League—any occasion is an opportunity to create themed campaigns. Motivate your team with various games with public rankings to foster a friendly sense of competition and give away prizes based on their position in the ranking.

analysis and follow up

Real-Time Analysis and Tracking 

Access robust analysis and tracking tools to monitor the progress of the promotion in real-time and adjust strategies as needed, allowing you to identify areas of success and improvement and more efficient and strategic management.