How can Easypromos help you launch a new product?

socall media giveaways

Social media giveaways of your product

Display the product in one or several posts on your brand's social media, whether it's Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Carry out a giveaway among everyone who comments on those posts to increase reach and brand awareness.

launch games

Launch digital games to capture the audience's attention

Gamifying your campaign creates more excitement among the audience. Showcase your new products in the game to impact your target audience and familiarize them.

distribute discount codes

Distribute discounts for your new product

Organize a Spin the Wheel or a Scratch and Win promotion that showcases your new product and allows participants to get a free sample or a discount.

increase awareness

Increase product and brand awareness

Promoting a product is essential to make it known and inform about its qualities. Highlighting aspects such as your logo and brand image are also important to generate brand recall and keep the product "top of mind" among the impacted audience.

product giveaway

Raffle your product among users who register for the giveaway

Make the most of your new product's launch to collect your audience's information in exchange for a chance to win it for free.


Foster creativity with your products

Present your products and other elements in stickers so participants can create a collage. You will learn about their tastes and preferences, and they will appreciate the interaction and creativity that the brand allows.

distribute samples

Distribute free samples for shipping or in-store collection

Request contact information in exchange for a sample to attract potential customers genuinely interested in your new product.


Survey with a raffle of your new product

Capture attention by raffling off several units of your product. Ask users to fill out the form and answer a survey about their preferences and habits to enter the raffle.

giveaway your product

Give away the new product when purchasing a product from your brand

Distribute promotional codes with your brand's products already in the market, nudging customers to try your new products. Distribute samples of your new product randomly among users who register and verify a valid code.

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