Instagram Giveaway

Organize a comment-based Instagram Giveaway to increase engagement, work on brand awareness, and also grow your audience. Followers can participate by commenting on one or more posts, and mentioning the determined number of friends in the comments section. Choose the random winner in an automatic and transparent way.


Use our Instagram comment picker to run a giveaway for users who comment on your Instagram posts. Select one or more posts to include in the giveaway, then pick a winner at random. Get more followers, boost engagement, and start conversations with your audience.

Choose how many winners you want to pick on Instagram. Filter comments by date, hashtag, or number of friends tagged. Then announce the winners with a thrilling video on your Instagram Business profile or in your Stories!

Main Features

  • Import comments from your Instagram posts

    Import all the comments from your Instagram giveaway posts. Download a list of usernames and comments as an Excel file. *Not available for Instagram TV and Instagram Reels.

  • Filter comments by date, hashtag, or mention

    Ask users to include specific hashtags in their comments, or tag a minimum number of friends. Set a deadline for the giveaway and exclude all comments after this date. More information.

  • Pick a winner on Instagram

    Select up to 1,000 winners with our random prize draw app. Pick alternates in case you have to disqualify any winners, or can't contact them. Test the prize draw before you announce the final winners.

  • Announce the winners

    Announce the winners of your Instagram giveaway with a customized webpage. Share a public, permanent Certificate of Validity which proves that the prize draw was fair.

  • Run giveaways on sponsored posts

    Include up to 10 different posts in a single giveaway. Run Instagram giveaways based on sponsored posts and dark posts to attract new followers and engagement.

Your first giveaway is free

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Basic PRO
Number of giveaways 1UnlimitedUnlimited
Maximum number of comments Unlimited5,000Unlimited
Certificate of Validity
Results published on the Winners Page
Automatic selection of substitute winners
Claim Your Prize system
Blacklist bad users
Exclude former winners
Comments on more than one post of the same profile
Run multiple giveaways on one post
Download participants and comments as an Excel/CSV file
Broadcast Mode - virtual video of the prize draw
Support for sponsored posts and dark posts
Giveaways with collaborators
Advanced giveaway statistics
VAT not included. View prices in euros
For more than 500,000 entries contact to our sales team.

Complete features

  • Get set up in minutes
  • Import all the comments from one or more Instagram posts More info
  • Pick winners and alternates at random
  • Exclude or blacklist users
  • Filter comments by hashtag
  • Filter comments by mention
  • Filter comments by date
  • Get a Certificate of Validity for your giveaway
  • Test the app before you pick a final winner
  • Run multiple giveaways from the same post More info
  • Announce the winners with a customized web page
  • Announce the winners with a customized video in your posts and Stories More info
  • Notify winners automatically
  • Verify winners and collect contact details with the Claim Your Prize feature More info
  • Manage disqualifications and alternate winners
  • Create and host terms and conditions More info
  • Export a list of users and comments to an Excel file
  • Export a list of winners and contact details to an Excel file


Contact us via live chat - we're ready to help with any doubt or question.

Case studies

Resources and help

  • Tutorial

    Learn how to pick a winner on Instagram - the easy way.

  • FAQ

    Everything you need to know before you run your first Instagram giveaway.

Frequently asked questions

How to run an Instagram giveaway?

The most used giveaway type on Instagram is a random draw among all the users that have commented on a post on a brand's profile. These are the steps to follow:

1) Write and publish the giveaway post on your profile. Learn here which aspects you should include in this post so that users know how to participate.

2) When the participation period is over, use an application to import all the participants and select the winner or winners.

3) Announce the winner and ask for the contact data so you can deliver the prize.

This step-by-step guide will help you in the process.

Can I run an Instagram giveaway and ask users to follow me?

Instagram's promotion policy does not prohibit setting the requirement of following the profile in order to participate in a giveaway so you can ask for it. But, no external app can check if the participants are followers. So you should check this manually after picking the winners and manage it with the alternate winners. Learn how to obtain and manage alternate winners.

How to pick a winner of an Instagram giveaway?

If you want to run a transparent and reliable giveaway that enters all the participants that have commented on your Instagram post, you need to use a tool that retrieves all the comments and is able to select a winner randomly. Discover the most important aspects to keep in mind when selecting a winner picker tool.

What's the best text for an Instagram giveaway post?

In the text of the Instagram giveaway post, it's important to specify the prize, the entry period, how to participate and how the winner is picked and announced. It should be attractive and well structured and should be accompanied by a nice image that shows the prize on offer. You can check this article with recommendations on how to write the giveaway post and get a draft text.

Can I run a giveaway in Instagram Stories?

Yes, but without guarantees. Instagram doesn't allow to retrieve Stories automatically even if they mention the brand and part of the information disappears after 24 hours. If you want to make the most of the potential of the Instagram Stories, we recommend several actions that will work for you and won't create excessive manual work for you.

Do Instagram giveaways work to get more followers?

Yes, of course. The ideal is to create a giveaway where the prize is one of your brand's products because this way, the users that become followers during a giveaway are from your target audience. Here you can discover how a brand achieved the highest engagement ever and many new followers thanks to comments giveaways on Instagram.

Is it possible to run a giveaway from two Instagram accounts?

Collaboration giveaways where more than one Instagram profile unite to launch a giveaway together for their communities are very common. To do this, the ideal is that both accounts publish a giveaway post and obtain interaction through comments, mentions, etc. To add the participants from both posts, there are tools that allow you to connect both accounts and import the comments from several posts, adding them all together into one single giveaway. Learn how to pick a winner transparently from a collab giveaway.

Can I collect the data of the participants in an Instagram giveaway?

No. If it's a giveaway among the users that comment on the post on your profile, no data is collected. The apps only work with public information from the social network. If you want to run a giveaway on Instagram and at the same time collect the participants' contact data, you should opt for an app with registration form and share it on Instagram.

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