Product Promotion Solutions

How did you launch your latest product? With conventional ads… or something more innovative? It's no longer enough to promote products with mass-media ads, sales and economic incentives. The customer's role in the purchase process has changed: consumers today are more active, better informed, and demand more from brands.

That's why you need product promotions which are interactive, innovative and bond consumers to your brand. And that's why new promotional apps like contests, giveaways, games and interactive experiences are the future.

	user segmentation

Segment prospects on social networks

Social media is the perfect channel for brands to build their reputation and promote products. Compared to traditional publicity, it’s much easier to identify and segment audiences on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. And if you can serve up engaging, targeted content targeted for those audiences, even better.

	atract new audience

Attract new customers with content and incentives

Advertising spend - especially digital ad spend - shows no signs of slowing down. But consumers see so many ads online, they only recall the most creative and innovative campaigns. To hold consumers’ interest, you need to create promotional campaigns which reward them with prizes and entertainment.

increase brand recognition

Increase brand visibility and product awareness

Promotional campaigns are vital to raise product awareness and educate potential customers. And the same campaign can increase brand visibility by highlighting your logo and brand image. Use promotion apps to improve brand recall and make sure your products stay top of mind for key audiences.

	improve brand image

Project brand values and grow brand reputation

Promotional tools such as ads, sales and events are the most direct way to connect with your target audience. Use these tactics to generate a brand image that speaks to consumers. When consumers identify with your values, they’ll identify with your brand.

user data gathering

Capture data for relational marketing and lead nurturing

Modern brand strategies are built on long-term relationships with consumers. Relational marketing brings followers on board, rewards loyal customers, and converts them into brand advocates. But to achieve all this, you’ll need customer data, and consent to use it. With more data, you can enhance every stage of the buyer’s journey. Use promotion apps to collect customer data while you promote your products.

	accelerate product market introduction

Accelerate product launches

Social networks and new digital formats have made the process of launching new products faster than ever before. If you have a new collection to launch, or you’re entering a new market, use our promotion apps to reach the right audience in record time.

Our recommended apps for product promotion

  • Giveaway apps

    Giveaways get your audience’s attention by featuring your top product as the prize. Make your products seem more desirable than ever, and sign users up at the same time.

  • Game Apps

    Games help you to present your products in an original format. Instead of pushing your products with direct ads, feature them as part of a fun challenge or puzzle.

  • Quiz Apps

    Quizzes can be used at every stage of your product promotion campaign. Start with quizzes which educate your target audience about the product. Follow up with personality quizzes and product recommenders to encourage purchases. Finally, use surveys to get feedback about your brand and products.

  • Contest Apps

    Contests are especially useful for building customer loyalty. Incentivize consumers to share content about your brand or review your products. Tap into the power of social proof and word of mouth marketing.

Resources to inspire your product promotion campaign

Frequently asked questions

  • What is product promotion?

    Promoting a product is announcing it to the target audience the best possible way to explain its characteristics and incentivize purchase. The most conventional way to promote a product is unidirectional advertising. Even so, with the use of internet and social media skyrocketing, product promotion can be done with many other types of actions that are more interactive and attractive for the target audience, such as promotions, contests, games, and giveaways.

  • There are many ways of promoting a product on social media. Ads are one of the most used formats, but there are other formats such as giveaways, contests, value-added content, interactive content, etc. Depending on the target audience, the type of product you're promoting, and the budget, you need to develop a different strategy for the promotion.