Linkedin Login

The Easypromos integration with Linkedin login allows users to participate in digital promotions by identifying themselves with their Linkedin accounts. Contest and game organizers configure the login with their own Linkedin Client ID OAuth.

Linkedin Login

Main features

  • Promotion organizers can choose Linkedin as a login method. Giving the users the alternative of identifying themselves with Linkedin increases the conversion rate since the user doesn’t have to introduce their name, surname, and email address.

  • The integration allows the promotion organizer to use their own Linkedin app. This permits the organizer to personalize the permission request, use their own domain, and display the privacy policy. Upon logging in through Linkedin the user must authorize the organizer’s application to access their Linkedin user data.

  • The integration allows you to choose whether logging in through Linkedin is mandatory or optional. Make Linkedin login mandatory anytime you want to launch a promotion only for users identified with a Linkedin account.

Combine it with...

  • Entry Form Giveaway

    Launch online giveaways to collect new leads and generate meaningful connections. Integrate Linkedin login to facilitate the registration process.

  • Contest Apps

    All contest applications with enabled registration form allow you to activate the Easypromos integration with Linkedin login.

  • Game Apps

    Take advantage of the engagement generated by gamification and activate Facebook login to improve user experience.

  • Quiz Apps

    Use the integration in your branded quizzes, questionnaires, and surveys.

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