Independence Day PhotoFun Contest

Invite your followers to create personalized Independence Day pictures, with their own photos and choice of decoration. Then run an online prize draw for everyone who shares their contact details in the app or enable voting and run a prize draw between the pictures that collect the most votes. Just edit the template and share the link on your social media. Ready in minutes!

Promotion recommended to:

Independence Day PhotoFun Contest
  • Get user-generated content

  • Record user data (leads)

  • Develop trust

  • This template is free to test and configure.

What do you get?

  • Ready-made promotion. Just edit the dates, personalize the text, and activate the campaign.
  • All the pre-set images are free to edit, use, and share. This includes the background image, main image, header, promotion stickers, and frames.
  • Our creative team has produced promotion text which works to maximize your viral reach. Review and edit to suit your needs.
  • Ready-made template for terms and conditions. Just download the template and fill in your company's details.
  • Ready-made drafts of automated emails to promotion participants.