Autologin API

With the Autologin API, you can encourage daily engagement from the consumers of your brand, beyond the social networks. - Users have to log in to your app, intranet, or e-commerce to access the promotion. - Build loyalty and retain your customers. You can also increase the number of active users of your app.

Autologin API

Main features

  • The users can only participate in the promotion on your website or in your mobile app once they have identified themselves with their credentials. The autologin API will register the user in the promotion before showing them the participation mechanic. This way, the user experience is 100% integrated into your website or app and the users don’t have to enter their data again.

  • Show promotions, give prizes exclusively to the users that follow your brand and are registered on your platform. You can impact a segment of your database and these users can participate in the promotion without having to enter their data.

  • The connection between the two platforms is developed using the latest version of the autologin API and the transmission channel is always encrypted.

  • When you set up the autologin integration, you can include a tag through a hidden field that will be linked to all the synchronized contacts. You can use this tag to create segments in your marketing platform based on your promotions.

  • Easypromos contests and promotions are adapted to the good practices of the General Data Protection Regulation of the EU and the integration allows you to only synchronize the users that have accepted to receive newsletters, etc.

  • The autologin API allows you to register participants in the promotion via programming from a mobile app or a website. It also gives the option of retrieving the participants’ session because they were registered beforehand.

Combine it with...

  • Spin the Wheel

    Use the Spin the Wheel promotion to build customer loyalty and let your most loyal customers spin the prize wheel.

  • Game Apps

    Make the most of the engagement that the games and an attractive prize create to increase participation and convert the users into new leads for your marketing and sales actions.

  • Use prizes and rewards to encourage participation

    Use our quiz applications to impact a segment of your database with the objective of collecting new data from your users. This way you can create a much more complete profile of your most loyal customers.

Resources and help

  • Tutorial

    A step-by-step guide to integrating your promotion with the autologin API.

    See tutorial