Engagement Solutions

Easypromos' apps enable you to strengthen engagement with your community, on and offline. We empower your marketing team to build relationships with your audiences, reward brand loyalty, and collect data in order to nurture sales leads.

Today, the relationship between consumers and your brand can be approached in a whole range of different ways. It's about more than "like and subscribe". An individual's commitment to your brand is shown in every different interaction: following, commenting, sharing, playing, joining email lists, uploading user-generated content, and more.

You can choose from a range of engagement strategies, according to your marketing objectives. But every strategy depends on first getting the user's attention, and then creating a positive connection between the user and the brand.

Engagement from your online community is a strong indicator of some hard-to-measure concepts - such as brand image, public awareness, target market, or the success of a product launch. An active, engaged community brings a lot of value to the brand at its heart. And we're not talking about the community built by a single campaign; we're talking about a community that grows over time, which shares values with the brand, and which is built on emotional connections.


Frequently asked questions

How can I generate engagement with the brand?

Engagement is commitment and trust between the audience and the brand. In the online world, this word is frequently used about the interactions that take place between the followers and the brand's social media profiles but the scope is much bigger than that. Generally speaking, you can create engagement through any channel, online and offline, and it's part of a relationship marketing strategy. 

Which promotional actions can help maintain and increase engagement?

There are many actions that help maintain and increase engagement with the brand. From social media giveaways and contests, to multi-channel actions and promotions centered around the users to increase customer loyalty.

Are social media giveaways a good way to generate engagement?

Yes, social media giveaways are a good option when you want to generate engagement on the brand's profiles on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. 

Which solutions does Easypromos offer to increase the engagement with the brand?

The Easypromos platform offers several different solutions to work on the engagement with the brand: Gamification, brand visibility, data collection for email marketing, product promotion and UGC collection.

Easypromos is built on the experience of 10 years and over 2 million campaigns.

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