Privacy Policy Regarding Participants’ User Data From Social Networks

Updated June 15, 2021

Easypromos is an Internet application available to use by any brand, organization or company (hereafter the ORGANIZER) to create and organize contests, giveaways or digital promotions (hereafter the PROMOTIONS).

Users that are interested in participating in the PROMOTIONS (hereafter the PARTICIPANTS) should identify themselves. EASYPROMOS offers an application for the ORGANIZER to configure an entry form that the PARTICIPANTS should fill in and submit in order to register in the PROMOTION.

EASYPROMOS offers the possibility for the ORGANIZER to enable quick registration of PARTICIPANTS through social login with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitch or Google. This way, the entry form will be pre-filled with the information obtained from the selected social network.

The data obtained from the social networks are:


  1. - User name of the participant if available
  2. - Full name of the participant if available
  3. - Profile picture if available
  4. - Participant’s unique ID number on the social network
  5. - Participant’s email address, if available and if participant authorizes it


These data are used exclusively to (1) make easier the identification and registration to a PROMOTION via Social Login, (2) to control the number of times a user participates and (3) link the participant to a Social Profile. The PARTICIPANTS need to give permissions to the EASYPROMOS application to be able to read these data from their profiles. EASYPROMOS will only ask for the minimum data required to provide our services, always following the good practices and policies of each social network. PARTICIPANTS can remove the Easypromos application and revoke their permission from their social network settings.

The data that the PARTICIPANTS use to register are property of the ORGANIZER of the PROMOTION as the entity responsible for the list of PARTICIPANTS and the ORGANIZER is therefore also responsible for defining and implementing a Privacy Policy in the entry form.

To exercise the PARTICIPANT’s privacy rights, we recommend that you contact the ORGANIZER of the promotion through the means mentioned in their Privacy Policy.

Nevertheless, PARTICIPANTS can contact EASYPROMOS by email to if they wish to delete their social data from our systems.


* Note: If you are an ORGANIZER of a PROMOTION and you have given permissions to the EASYPROMOS application on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitch or Google, you can revoke the application’s permissions from the social network itself and exercise your privacy rights as described in our Privacy Policy for ORGANIZERS.