Create a Father’s Day Quiz: Product Recommenders, Surveys & More

Corinna Keefe
Corinna Keefe
Father's Day is an annual event with huge significance - and commercial opportunities. But what if you're tired of the same old sales campaigns? This year, try some original content marketing, with a fun Product Recommender or Timed Quiz and boost sales this Father's Day.

Father’s Day quiz and gift guides to increase sales

A Father’s Day quiz might well be that promotional action you’ve been looking for. Most of us have taken a quiz – or five – online. Product recommenders and surveys aren’t just to keep Buzzfeed’s pageview numbers up. They’re also an under-rated content marketing tool that can help you collect leads and perform market research.

Not to mention their viral potential. The average quiz is shared 1,900 times, mostly on Facebook – a social network where marketers notoriously struggle to gain traction.

To help you come up with the best Father’s Day quiz for you, we’re taking a look at Product Recommenders, Surveys, and Timed Quizzes. They’re a great way to introduce consumers to your full range of products. You can even highlight offers from other businesses that sponsor or collaborate with you. You can give one-off product recommendations, or create gift bundles as special Father’s Day offers. Just make sure you have a specific buyer persona in mind for each gift guide suggestion.

So we’re looking at a pretty sophisticated Father’s Day promotions here:

  • product awareness
  • brand collaborations
  • market research
  • lead generation
  • personalized customer service
  • individually customized rewards

… all in one. But guess what? It’s actually really, really easy to set up.

fathers day promo

How to create a Father’s Day Quiz: Product Recommender

All you have to do is create a couple of multiple-choice questions. Then, set up final messages so that people will get a result that’s tailored to their answers.

For example, in our Father’s Day Product Recommender, we just ask people to pick which “type” their dad is:

Screenshot from a Father's Day quiz.  "What's your dad like?

At the end of the quiz, they get a personalized gift guide based on their response:

Father's Day Quiz: Product recommender

We usually recommend a maximum of 5-6 questions. Use them to make your test results more and more specific for each individual.

It’s not just the final messages – you can personalize prizes, too. When you add a prize to your Father’s Day Product Recommender, you can make sure it’s only awarded to users who give certain answers. So you can tailor the reward to their response.

How to follow up on your Father’s Day Quiz

Before people can view their quiz results, they’ll have to complete a registration form. This is your opportunity to capture leads and collect information for your marketing CRM.

The basic form is very simple, like in this example. But you can customize it to request more details – such as location, age, gender, or consent to mailing lists.

Father's day quiz registration form

But what do you plan to do with that information? Well, for a start, you can use email addresses (with GDPR consent!) to follow up with everyone who takes the quiz.

Send messages to thank participants, announce the grand prize winner, or share out smaller rewards. You can use the Easypromos platform to generate and mail out promotional codes – in alphanumerical, barcode, or QR code format.

Father's day quiz: Discount voucher

You’ll also get statistics about how people answered the questions, and how they found your Father’s Day Product Recommender.

But that’s the only public data. All the other information – contact details, link sources, and individual promotion results – is stored securely and privately. You can download it for your own CRM, and use it to plan your next seasonal marketing campaign.

Father’s Day Quiz: find out more about your customers with a survey

Another application that you can use to raffle fun Father’s Day prizes and discounts is the Survey app. It can be used to conduct market research, collect useful insights about your customers and find out which products are most popular. Father’s Day Surveys can be easily shared on social media channels – you can easily disseminate your promotion with a wide audience.

Screenshot of how a father's day quiz can be shared on social media channels.

Entertain your audience with a Father’s Day Timed Quiz

How about some fun? Maybe a game? Everyone loves a challenge and taking advantage of this fact is nothing but smart. Create a Timed Quiz and ask participants to answer a series of questions… with a time cap!

father's day timed quiz, example of a quiz about european capitals

You can create a Timed Quiz about popular fathers or incredible male achievements. You can also test the general knowledge of your followers by organizing a contest with generic questions. The example above shows you how to check participants’ knowledge about European capitals.

Would you like to create a Father’s Day Timed Quiz? Discover our ready-made Timed Quiz templates and use one for your Father’s Day promotion.

You can now get started with your own Father’s Day quiz. But don’t worry if you have some doubts. You can contact our Support Team, they’re ready to answer all your questions!

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