Father's Day promo ideas, tips, and resources

What's the importance of a Father's Day promo? If there's one thing most fathers agree on, it is how special they are to their sons and daughters. Beyond similarities, hobbies, quirks, or desires, all fathers are important and unique. That's why Father's Day has become an essential campaign for most brands. Ultimately, we know what customers are looking for, a gift for Dad.

So, how do you showcase the ideal product or service for this campaign? Find resources, examples, and ideas for Father's Day to create promotions and digital marketing actions to help you achieve your objectives. Decide what you want to achieve, and we'll tell you the best way to do it.


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Father's Day promo ideas, tips, and resources

Father's Day promotion ideas

  • Gamifed Father's Day promotions to promote engagement

    Users appreciate brands that provide solutions, such as finding a gift for Father's Day. If that solution is original and fun, using games and interactive campaigns, the impact on the customer is even greater. Gamify your marketing strategy if your goal is to increase brand exposure and foster engagement with customers and fans.


    Father's Day promotions

    • New! Digital Crossword. Challenge your community with a geography crossword. Easypromos provides you with AI tools to generate words and their descriptions automatically.
    • Reveal & Win. Generate interest among your target audience with a Father's Day Reveal & Win. Participants can scratch the boxes to find three matching elements. Raffle a prize or distribute coupons among winners.
    • Product Word Search. Entertain your community with a fun Father's Day Word Search. Like the idea? Download the pre-configured template to create your own game.
  • Maximize reach with Father's Day giveaways

    Are you looking to promote a flagship product for dads on Father's Day? We recommend running a giveaway on social media, especially on Instagram and Facebook. Giveaways are the best tools to enhance your brand's visibility among your community. Create a giveaway post on your feed and ask participants to comment. These actions can increase post interaction by up to 1,000%.


    Father's Day Giveaway

    • Entry Form Giveaway. In addition to brand exposure, an Entry Form Father's Day giveaway allows you to gather your target audience's contact details. Want to increase your email database? This is the perfect giveaway for you!
    • Instagram Giveaway. Here's a Father's Day giveaway template for Instagram so you can have your comment giveaway ready in just a few minutes.
    • Facebook Giveaway. Do you want to run a comment giveaway on Facebook? Download our Father's Day giveaway template to engage your community on this social network.

    Get some inspiration from real-life examples about running a Father's Day giveaway on social media.

  • Boost sales on Father's Day with product recommenders

    If you want to focus your Father's Day campaign on promoting your products to increase sales directly, opt for the distribution of coupons and codes. You can do this in various ways, but we recommend using a digital coupon booklet or a product recommender. With these actions, you will also gather contact details from participants with a bonus that triggers customer conversion: a discount for making a purchase.


    Father's Day Promotions

    • Digital Coupon Book. Create a digital discount and coupon booklet to boost sales during the Father's Day campaign. Users can access it anytime and download the most appealing discounts for the products they wish to purchase.
    • Product Recommender. Use a Father's Day Product Recommender promotion to offer the most suitable gift for dad. Based on user responses, you can recommend a product and provide a coupon or promotional code to purchase it. Like the idea? Download the template to create your promotional campaign.
    • Personality Quiz. Similar to the recommender, a Father's Day personality quiz will suggest participants their ideal gift based on questionnaire responses. 
  • Contests to increase brand awareness on Father's Day

    When it comes to marketing, meaningful campaigns such as Father's Day can be the perfect opportunity to enhance branding and brand recall. Therefore, creating original digital actions to capture users' attention is well worth it. If you're wondering how to achieve this, we suggest creating voting contests to collect user-generated content as participants engage in the contest with their photos, comments, videos, or votes.


    Father's Day Marketing apps to collect UCG

    • Voting Contest: Boost engagement and interaction with your brand by organizing a Father's Day voting contest. Invite your audience to participate by uploading their own photos, videos, or texts, and carry out a public online vote to select the winners.
    • Photofun: Sticker Contest. It's time to take Father's Day photo contests to the next level by offering the option to decorate photos with stickers. Like the idea? Try this example of a Father's Day photofun contest and create your own using this design template.
    • Want to learn more about photo contests and the different possibilities available? Check out the article with ideas for your Father's Day contest.

Father's Day Promotions FAQs

  • How to organize a Father's Day giveaway on social media?

    It's very easy to create a Father's Day social media giveaway. All you have to do is publish a giveaway post on your favorite network and wait for the comments to roll in! Make sure you ask participants to mention a friend or two in the comments - it'll attract more participants and multiple the possibility of your giveaway going viral. We've collected some successful Father's Day giveaway ideas to help you get inspired.

  • There are many captivating dynamics for your Father's Day campaign but 2022 will be all about branded mini-games and entertainment marketing. You can launch games with your corporate image, for example, Memory, Puzzle, Word Search, or Minesweeper games, as well as Spin the Wheel promotions. They'll definitely help you reinforce brand affinity. All Easypromos game applications come with a customizable registration form, meaning that you can easily convert social media followers into potential sales leads. 

  • Giving away attractive prizes might be the best ideas to drive customers to your store or e-commerce. Don't hesitate to celebrate Father's Day with your followers, fans, and subscribers. Did you know that your first giveaway with Easypromos is free of charge? Then the prices start from $29.

  • There are two different types of prizes popular on Father's Day. If you offer attractive products that widely appear to fathers you already know what would attract the most attention. However, you can also raffle generic prizes to appeal to a wider public: discount codes, vouchers, tech gadgets, cinema tickets, etc. You can also team up with another brand to offer a bigger prize - it'll also help you grow your audience and increase the reach.