Father's Day promotion ideas for your brand

Father's Day promotion ideas for your brand

Build the perfect promotion to drive sales on Father's Day

Father's Day marketing ideas to celebrate all dads on their day with giveaways, games, and promotions!

Check out our full range of Father's Day promotions to find the perfect promotion for your brand and audience. Showcase your products with gift recommenders, grow your online community with Father's Day social media giveaways and generate leads and sales with branded mini-games. Give your followers the chance to share how much they love their dads, and reap the rewards of user-generated content and customer satisfaction. 

The best part? We've already done the hard work for you, with free Father's Day templates for social media, tutorials, and successful examples from other thriving brands. Just scroll down to discover our favorite 2023 marketing ideas for Father's Day and get started!


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Father's Day promotion ideas

  • Gamify your Father's Day marketing campaign and entertain your audience

    If you're looking for creative ways to entertain and engage your audience then branded mini-games is your new go-to tool! Collect contact details through integrated registration forms, and fully customize the game for better brand and product exposure. Generate leads, sales and engagement with our favorite Father's Day ideas for gamified promotions.


    Father's Day promotions

    • Challenge your audience to a Father's Day Word Search game and promote your products with this interactive app! Try our Father's Day Word Search DEMO and download the pre-configured template to generate rivalry within your audience.
    • Test how much your social media followers know about professional sportsmen and celebrate Father's Day with a customizable Match It game. Give a go to the Father's Day Match It DEMO, and if you like it use it as your own Father's Day marketing idea.

  • Build your online community with Father's Day social media giveaways

    Social media giveaways boost engagement and reinforce customer loyalty. Take advantage of Father's Day and organize Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter giveaways to build an online community and highlight your top products and services. Social media giveaways are the most simple Father's Day marketing idea but they work their magic!


    Father's Day Giveaway

  • Father's Day promotion idea: boost sales with product recommenders

    Solve the biggest problem your customers might be facing on Father's Day: what's the best present for my dad? Prepare a few questions about dads and based on participants' answers display a personalized final message suggesting the perfect Father's Day gift. Showcase your products, drive traffic to your stores and increase sales by offering codes and discount vouchers!


    Father's Day Promotions

  • Collect user-generated content with Father's Day marketing ideas

    User-generated content is the most authentic content brands can share on social media. It's time to look at Father's Day as a great occasion to obtain UGC from your social media followers. Invite them to share pictures, videos, and texts showcasing your products in action! It will not only boost customer loyalty but also make your brand look more authentic.


    Father's Day Marketing apps to collect UCG

    • Collect high-quality user-generated content with our Father's Day photo contest app. Invite users to decorate their selfies with your branded frames and stickers. Try our Father's Day PhotoFun DEMO and use our ready-made template for your branded Father's Day photo contest.

Father's Day Promotions FAQs

  • How to organize a Father's Day giveaway on social media?

    It's very easy to create a Father's Day social media giveaway. All you have to do is publish a giveaway post on your favorite network and wait for the comments to roll in! Make sure you ask participants to mention a friend or two in the comments - it'll attract more participants and multiple the possibility of your giveaway going viral. We've collected some successful examples of Father's Day Instagram giveaways to help you get inspired.

  • There are many captivating dynamics for your Father's Day campaign but 2022 will be all about branded mini-games and entertainment marketing. You can launch games with your corporate image, for example, Memory, Puzzle, Word Search, or Minesweeper games, as well as Spin the Wheel promotions. They'll definitely help you reinforce brand affinity. All Easypromos game applications come with a customizable registration form, meaning that you can easily convert social media followers into potential sales leads. 

  • Giving away attractive prizes might be the best ideas to drive customers to your store or e-commerce. Don't hesitate to celebrate Father's Day with your followers, fans, and subscribers. Did you know that your first giveaway with Easypromos is free of charge? Then the prices start from $29.

  • There are two different types of prizes popular on Father's Day. If you offer attractive products that widely appear to fathers you already know what would attract the most attention. However, you can also raffle generic prizes to appeal to a wider public: discount codes, vouchers, tech gadgets, cinema tickets, etc. You can also team up with another brand to offer a bigger prize - it'll also help you grow your audience and increase the reach.