Father’s Day Giveaway Ideas

Corinna Keefe
Corinna Keefe
More than a third of consumers will search for their Father's Day gifts online. Here's how to get their attention - with a Father's Day promotion. Read on to discover best Father's Day Instagram giveaway ideas.

Are you looking for Father’s Day giveaway ideas? There are lots of different ways to celebrate dads online but running a giveaway must be our favorite as it has a huge cultural impact, especially on young, affluent shoppers. It’s also the choice for parenting bloggers and lifestyle influencers. If you want to reach out to young, stylish parents and users, then social media is the best place to start. In this blog post, we share some captivating Father’s Day giveaway ideas – they’ll boost your brand, engagement, and recall.

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Father’s Day Giveaway Ideas: Boost engagement with an Instagram giveaway

If you want to run a quick and easy campaign, then an Instagram giveaway is the way to go. All you have to do is publish a post on your Instagram profile, including:

  • a description of the prize
  • the rules of your giveaway, including country or age restrictions
  • a disclaimer stating that Instagram does not endorse, sponsor or organize your promotions
  • instructions for users to find terms & conditions, such as a link in bio

We loved this example from Doodle India, a stationery company. They asked users to share their favorite memories with their dads. As you can imagine, they collected a lot of heartfelt, authentic comments from their followers.

Father's Day Giveaway on Instagram

Are you looking for something a bit more interactive? Check out this Father’s Day contest ideas.

The goal of an Instagram Giveaway with comments is to start a conversation that will soar your engagement and better position your brand. So ask your followers an open question that will encourage real conversations. You can ask for your followers’ opinions or favorite memories with their dads!

However, you don’t have to choose a serious theme for your Father’s Day giveaway on Instagram. This kids’ snack brand asked people to share their best dad jokes. Or should that be the worst dad jokes? Either way, the brand got a great response online.

Fathar's Day Giveaway example

Father’s Day giveaway ideas to collect leads: registration form on Instagram

Comment contests are a great way to boost engagement. However, if you want to benefit from your Father’s Day campaign and wish to collect detailed, high-quality sales leads, then a entry form giveaway is the way to go.

Set up a custom registration form to collect contact details. Add extra questions for information that will help your brand – for example, clothing sizes, favorite colors, or location.

In the following example, you can see a great idea for a Father’s Day Instagram giveaway… with a little twist. Instead of participating by commenting on the promotional posts, Instagram followers were encouraged to visit the organizing brand’s link in bio. Dutton Books converted their Instagram followers into qualified leads with an Entry Form Giveaway. Participants filled out a registration form for a chance to win a summer reading stack for their father.

Father's Day Giveaway

Apart from sharing the giveaway link in your link in bio, you can also add it to your Stories and sponsored posts.

Team up with another dad-friendly brand for your Father’s Day giveaway on social media

Let’s talk prizes. Father’s Day is celebrated all over the world – but some brands may struggle to connect with the holiday.

If you’re not sure how to join in the celebrations, then you could team up with another brand to run a co-branded Father’s Day giveaway on Instagram. Isn’t that a great idea?

Collaborative Father's Day Giveaway

Co-branded giveaways are very popular with consumers because you can offer hampers, hauls, or prize bundles with a mix of products. We like the above example, from an Australian gourmet brand Beards Meat Beer.

They got together with Melbourne Beard Oil to create a Father’s Day hamper. It was a match made in heaven: both brands share a similar customer base, so they mutually boosted their audiences on Instagram.

Do you like the idea of collaborating with another brand for your Father’s Day Instagram giveaway? It’s a great opportunity to reach a wider audience and grow your social media following.

Use the Invitations tool to run giveaways with collaborators. Connect your accounts quickly and securely – with no need to share passwords or create extra profiles on Easypromos.

Share personalized prizes with your Father’s Day Instagram giveaway

It’s celebrated all over the world – but Father’s Day is still a very personal holiday. If you really want to connect with your followers, then personalized rewards or prizes will show them that you care.

Take this contest from Dot Badges. They offered a personalized mug in a Father’s Day giveaway on Instagram. Whoever won the comments contest would receive a “Superdad” mug to celebrate.

Father's Day Instagram giveaway

But you don’t need customized products to follow this strategy. There are lots of different ways to personalize your prizes:

  • offer a range of gifts, and ask users to comment on their favorite to win
  • choose a prize that comes in a range of colors
  • share discount codes for specific products
  • give away gift cards so that customers can choose their own prize

Collect user-generated content with a Father’s Day Mention + Hashtag Contest

If you have very active followers, then you can take your Father’s Day giveaway on Instagram beyond comments. A meaningful holiday like this is the perfect time to collect user-generated content.

Ask your followers to share posts with your brand mention and campaign hashtag. Then you can use the Mention + Hashtag app to collect all the entries in a public gallery – and pick your favorite to win!

Instagram Giveaway

Take a look at this example from a beer brand Nepal Ice Centura. They asked followers for their Father’s Day selfies. Then they re-posted the 10 finalists on their Instagram account.

Celebrate dads with a Facebook giveaway: where families stay in touch

Facebook is, of course, at the top of everyone’s list. With almost 3 billion users, pretty much every brand will find an audience here. And it is a great place to start your Father’s Day campaigns.

Although Facebook users skew slightly older – it’s barely used by the teenagers of Generation Z – it is where families keep in touch. Use Facebook giveaways and ads to reach out to parents, and adults who want to celebrate their dads and families.

Father's Day Giveaway on Facebook

With the Mention + Hashtag app, you can collect UGC from Twitter at the same time. Consider this option if you have lots of followers on both networks.

Looking for more Father’s Day giveaway ideas? Check out our Father’s Day campaign hub for brands and marketers, or contact our Support Team in case of any questions!