Digital Marketing for Olympic Games campaigns


The Olympic Games are the biggest sporting event worldwide. Launching marketing actions connected to the Olympics is a strategy that will associate your brand with this event, allowing you to capture the attention of a broader audience and generate interest in your products or services. It's also possible to boost sales by offering discounts, gifts, or exclusive experiences linked to this celebration.

Here are some ideas and resources you can easily implement to launch your Olympic Games marketing campaign.

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Digital Marketing for Olympic Games campaigns

Marketing ideas for the Olympic Games

  • Social Media giveaways to boost engagement during the Olympic Games

    Increase the organic reach of your posts and interactions with your audience with social media giveaways. The Olympic Games is the perfect opportunity to giveaway prizes: media gadgets to watch the games, sports-related products, etc.


    Giveaways to increase engagement


    • Get high-quality leads through an Olympic-themed Entry Form Giveaway. Share the giveaway link on any digital channel to promote participation. Try the DEMO to get a feel of the user experience.
    • Boost your brand's social media with Easypromos' giveaway apps. Create your giveaway on Instagram, X (Twitter), or Facebook in just a few minutes. Every giveaway provides a validity certificate for maximum transparency and security.
  • Gamified marketing actions for the Olympic Games

    Capture users' attention with a fun interactive game. You'll strengthen brand awareness and generate new leads for your database. And all while allowing users to win one or more prizes. Here are some ideas to get inspiration juices flowing!


    Gamified promotional actions


  • Captivate your audience with Olympic Games prediction games

    Use the Easypromos applications to create online prediction pools and tournament brackets for users to make predictions for individual or national results. For example, you can ask which country they think will win the most gold medals or who will win in each event.

    Prediction games to engage your audience


    • Challenge your fans to a Olympic predictions game. This will keep your audience engaged with your brand as they follow the competition results.


    • Create a Multi-Round Predictions game. Participants have to make their predictions for every round of the competition and earn points in the general ranking.


    • Create an online tournament bracket where users vote to decide who is the greatest olympian of all time.


    • Ask fans of team sports to come up with their team’s ideal, or starting, line-up with the Build your Team application. Participants can view and share the line-ups they create. 

  • Olympic-themed quizzes to get to know your customers better

    Challenge your community's knowledge with quizzes and trivia and see how eagerly users accept the challenge to win a prize. Use quizzes to gather participants' data and build brand awareness by customizing them with your brand's imagery.


    Challenge your audience with an Olympic quiz


    • Challenge users with an Olympic timed quiz. Participants must answer all questions before time runs out. The ranking enhances competition among players, who will receive points for each correct answer and the remaining time.


    • Create a personality test to understand your customers' tastes and preferences. You can display a personalized final message based on their responses. For example, discover which sport generates the most interest in your audience and offer a discount to purchase related items.

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