Celebrate the Olympic Games with Online Promotions

Kamila Palka
Kamila Palka
Are you ready for the Olympic Games? We expect to see spikes in the number of people tuning in to watch the competitions due to restrictions that prevent people from attending the event personally and because it’s the biggest sporting event since 2016. Certainly, there’ll be loads of trending topics, funny situations, and new records that will take over social media. Take advantage of the excitement that comes with the Olympics and turn it into engagement for your brand. Read on to discover our favorite ideas for online Olympic Games promotions that will not only boost engagement but also better position your brand and generate new leads for your marketing purposes.

One year later than planned, the Tokyo Olympics will finally kick off on July 27 – we will experience the most complete and professional sports competition in the world. Summer 2021 seems to be exceptionally sporty, as apart from the Olympics this summer we get to enjoy EURO 2020 and America’s Cup. We expect to see major spikes in views and social media activity when it comes to the Olympic Games; don’t you think that spectators worldwide will be happy to finally enjoy this fun and long-awaited event? 

We suggest you take advantage of the excitement and buzz that the Olympic Games generate – in this blog post we share the most creative Olympic Games promotion ideas that will engage your audience, boost your brand, and increase sales!

Instagram Giveaway for the Olympic Games in Tokyo

This must be the easiest idea for engaging your audience right in time for the Tokyo Games. Wait for July 27 – the first day of this year’s event – and launch a comment giveaway for your Instagram followers; it’s a perfect opportunity to drive customer interaction and boost social media engagement. You can, for example, ask your audience to explain their favorite discipline or talk about their favorite athlete at this year’s event. To attract more participants, make sure you raffle a captivating prize (your bestsellers, product bundles, discount vouchers, etc.) and you can even ask participants to mention their friends in the comment section; this way you will attract more users and therefore boost your brand even further. 

Do you feel like running an Instagram Giveaway for the Olympics? Use our Olympic Games Instagram template for your promotion to save time.

instagram giveaway as olympic games promotion idea for any brand

We also have a Facebook template for an Olympic Games giveaway

Celebrate the Olympics with a giveaway on your favorite social media channels

Apart from running an Olympics giveaway on Instagram and Facebook, you can also run sweepstakes on Twitter, YouTube, etc. Just bear in mind that you should follow social media network guidelines – this way you will avoid unnecessary problems. 

Is your brand active on different social media platforms? One way to engage your audience would be to run a Multi-Network Giveaway on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. 

You want to go a bit further and launch a promotion on ALL social media channels? Use our Entry Form Giveaway to celebrate the Tokyo Games with your audience on any digital channel. The application creates an independent microsite with a URL that you can share on your social media, newsletters, website, and even in-store. All users that register their contact details automatically enter your Olympics giveaway while you expand your database. You can then draw a random winner from among all entrants, reward multiple users or distribute discount codes to all participants.

entry form giveaway for the olympics

Wondering if celebrating the Olympics with a giveaway is a good idea for your company? Trust us when we say that any brand can launch a giveaway for the Olympic Games, as online audiences positively respond to promotions and incentives. Try our giveaway DEMO and download our pre-configured template to launch your own promotion. 

The Olympic Games always attract millions of spectators from all over the world. Some of them are true Olympics fans; they know everything about the most popular athletes, where the games were held, and who won the most medals. Grab the attention of the Olympics’ fans with a fun Timed Quiz where participants answer a series of questions against the clock. Try the Olympics Timed Quiz to see how much fun you can generate with this interactive app. 

olympic games promotion idea for any brand: branded timed quiz

Another dynamic that successfully engages online audiences is a branded Memory game about the most popular Olympic sports. As you can see, the Easypromos game applications allow you to easily organize fun promotions that not only boost your brand but also engage and entertain online users and expose them to your corporate image.

branded memory game for the olympics

Apart from providing entertainment for your audience, gamification also allows you to maximize lead generation. Branded games help online businesses to convert social media followers into identified users, as well as convert anonymous website visitors into qualified leads. You can for example embed an Olympics Hidden Objects game and offer a discount code to all users that participate in your playable promotion. Apart from collecting new contact details you also increase your chances of boosting sales. 

hidden objects game for the olympics

Another dynamic that you can prepare right in time for the Olympics is a Personality Quiz where users answer a series of questions to find out how much a sporty person they are. 

personality quiz about sports

Not sure which option to go for? Take a look at all the promotional dynamics that we prepared for the Olympic Games. Try the different DEMOs and download your favorite templates to decide on the best promotion for your brand.

Predictions as one of the fun Olympic Games promotion ideas

Is your online community especially interested in one specific discipline? Or maybe they just enjoy guessing the final score or winners of sports events? One of the classic games that we often see during the Olympics is a Predictions promotion. Simply prepare one or two questions where you ask users to predict the total number of medals that your representation will come back with. If you want to make it more difficult, you can ask them to predict the number of gold, silver, and bronze medals. 

Try our Olympics Predictions promotion to see all the different possibilities available to you and your brand. Don’t forget to customize your promotion with corporate images, logos and branding colors. 

olympic games promotion idea

The best Olympic athlete of all time

Last but not least is the Tournament Bracket application and a battle between athletes. For example, you can ask your followers to vote for their favorite athlete of all time in various disciplines, or ask them to vote for their favorite tennis player.

the best athlete of all time promotion idea

Don’t forget to use our ready-made template for your Olympics Bracket promotion. 

How do you like our Olympic Games Promotion ideas? Are you ready to launch your own game, giveaway, or contest? Don’t worry if you have further questions – you can always contact our Support Team!