Interactive Promotion Ideas for Football Matches

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The ball keeps rolling regardless of the time of year. Club-level competitions such as the Premier League and the Champions League, or international competitions like the Euro and the Copa América attract millions of viewers around the world. This is a golden opportunity for your brand. Here at Easypromos, we have lots of ideas for ways to surprise and captivate your soccer-loving audience. Keep reading to find out how to score a hat trick in your next marketing campaign!

The ball keeps rolling regardless of the time of year. Club-level competitions such as the Premier League and the Champions League, or international competitions like the EURO and the Copa América attract millions of viewers around the world. This is a golden opportunity for your brand. Here at Easypromos, we have lots of ideas for ways to surprise and captivate your soccer-loving audience. Keep reading to find out how to score a hat trick in your next marketing campaign!

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Promotion ideas for football matches: games

If your primary aim for soccer promotions is to attract new users, gain brand awareness or boost follower engagement through gamification, gaming applications are the perfect solution. Here are some examples:

1. Challenge your followers with a puzzle

If you want to increase your brand’s exposure challenge your online audience to solve a puzzle with an image of your chosen soccer team. You can incentivize participation by offering those who complete the puzzle the chance to enter a random giveaway to win a prize.

Want to see an example of a puzzle? Check out this DEMO of a EURO 2020 puzzle to see how the application works. If you like the look of it, download the template and set up your own promotion.

2. Test your followers’ knowledge with a quiz

A good way to test fans’ knowledge is by challenging them to answer a series of quiz questions about a team or match. You could also add a time trial element to the quiz. A Timed Quiz will generate greater rivalry between fans, boosting engagement. Like the idea of running a Timed Quiz?

3. Match players with their teams

If the soccer season has just started, how about challenging your fans to predict their favorite team’s latest signings? Use the Match It App to build a game where participants match players with teams.

Alternatively, you could invite your online audience to match teams to their respective stadiums, as shown below:

Like the sound of this type of game to entertain your followers? We’ll make it easy for you! Try our Champions League Match It DEMO. If you like it, use the template to create your own game in minutes.

Promotion ideas for football games: giveaways on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

Social media giveaways are always a reliable option. They can help boost the visibility of your posts and encourage interactions. Ask a question about a historic match, for example, and motivate your audience to take part by offering an exciting prize, such as a team’s official jersey or tickets to a match. This will help guarantee success. Run giveaways on the most popular social networks. On Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, you can run a giveaway among those who comment on a post. And, for even greater reach, publish a post announcing the giveaway and providing instructions for participation across multiple social networks.

Now, let’s take a look at some other types of giveaways for football matches that you could organize:

1. Multi-Network giveaway

If you want to run a single giveaway on various social networks, use the Multi-Network Giveaway app. This application enables you to pull participants from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram together and run a single raffle among everyone who commented on a post on any of the social networks. The benefits of Multi-Network giveaways are numerous: your social media profiles will achieve greater reach and your brand will therefore gain plenty of visibility and brand recall. You can also export finalists to Excel/CSV and contact the winners.

2. Entry Form Giveaway

If your main objective is to capture leads you could use the Entry Form Giveaway, in which participants fill out a form with their contact information. This enables you to collect the details of possible new customers for your brand. Once the promotion has finished you can raffle the prize randomly among all participants. For example, you could give away a pair of cleats signed by a player, or tickets to a game.

Promotion ideas for football matches: football contests

If your aim is to obtain user-generated content, boost brand awareness or increase engagement with fans, Contest Apps are tailor-made for you. Below you can see a variety of dynamics that you can include in your marketing strategy:

1. Virtual photobooth to cheer the team on

Imagine that your city’s soccer club is about to reach the final and possibly win the trophy. Why not ask fans to send photos expressing their support for the team and sharing words of encouragement for the players? The PhotoFun app will work like a charm! It allows participants to decorate their photos with frames and stickers. These could include images with your logo as well as that of the club. Participants will also be able to download the resulting images and share them with friends.

Like the idea of organizing a fun photo contest? Try a PhotoFun contest DEMO now!

2. Guess the starting line-up

Challenge fans to put themselves in the coach’s shoes by naming the starting line-up and predicting each player’s position in the game. This could be a great way to boost engagement, especially if you offer a great prize – and we have the perfect app for it. The Scenes app enables you to design a scene or landscape on which participants can arrange stickers with the players’ faces or shirts. The resulting image can then be downloaded and shared among users, as you can see in this example.

Another dynamic you can create with the Scenes App involves participants building their perfect teams. Design stickers of players from different teams and invite participants to line up their dream teams.

3. Vote for your player of the match 

If the team you’re promoting has just played a match, why not ask your online audience to choose their player of the match? The Pick Your Favorite App will enable you to generate a high level of participation and dissemination, and show the result of voting in real-time.

Promotion ideas for football matches: predictions

Finally, if your goal is to educate and entertain your online community, quiz applications and predictions are an excellent solution. Invite participants to predict the final score of a match or competition, or take tests to show their knowledge about a football club. This will provide you with contact details of potential new clients, let you generate brand awareness and boost community engagement.

Here’s an example of a predictions contest:

1. Team or tournament predictions

If a new season is about to begin, challenge your online audience to predict which player will be the team’s top scorer, who will play the most minutes, how many points the team will score, or which position they’ll occupy on the leaderboard at the end of the season. Once the season is over, use the same app you created the betting pool with to run a raffle among all the winners.

This idea can also be adapted to a tournament. In this case, the betting pool questions could be: Which teams will qualify for the Champions League? Which three teams will be relegated? Which goalkeeper will win the Zamora Trophy?

You can also choose to run a betting pool for a specific match and ask users to predict what the final result will be and who will score the goals.

Want to organize a betting pool but don’t know where to start? Try this Champions League Betting Pool DEMO and, if you like it, download the template and tailor it to meet your needs.

Promotion ideas for football matches: long-term Multi-Stage promotions

1. Multi-day pool

Follow a team’s progress throughout a season by creating a Multi-Round Predictions game. Encourage your online community to share their predictions for each round of the season or tournament. One advantage of Multi-Stage promotions is that participants only need to identify themselves and complete the form once since all their following entries will be linked to their first registration. At the end of the season, you can reward the highest-ranked participants – those who’ve made the most accurate predictions – with prizes or discounts.

Would you like to see an example of a Multi-Day Predictions Game? Here it is! If you like it, download the template to create your pool more easily.

2. Knockout tournament

If the competition is in its final phase, follow it up with a Tournament Bracket. Participants have to guess which team will move ahead in each round. Participants who guess correctly will earn points and appear in the global ranking. These types of long-term promotions are great for raising your brand awareness and helping users remember it

Since this is a promotion with a series of eliminatory rounds, participants only need to identify themselves the first time they take part. Once the tournament is over, you can raffle the prize among the highest-placed participants.

What do you think of these ideas for promotions for football matches to entertain your audience? We hope they’ve helped you start thinking about how to promote your brand and generate engagement with your community when the soccer season gets underway.

If you have any doubts, get in touch with us via chat and our Customer Service Team will assist you straight away. The goal is wide open. Now it’s up to you to take the shot and score for your team! ?

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