Create an Advent Calendar to Delight Your Followers This Christmas

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Do you remember Advent Calendars from your childhood? The thrill of opening a new door each day, to see the tiny picture, toy or chocolate hidden inside? With our templates, you can create an online Advent Calendar to delight your followers and spread some Christmas cheer. Here’s how…

Here’s one we made earlier: the Easypromos Advent Calendar for 2017. Watch the video to see how users will view and interact with the Advent Calendar.

Since you have to create a series of promotions, this campaign idea can be complex. If you’ve never run a giveaway before, then you might want to start with our easy Facebook giveaway ideas, or get inspiration from the most popular promotion styles in 2018. But if you’re ready to create your own custom Advent Calendar… then here we go!


Step 1: download our free image resources and cheatsheet to create your calendar faster.


Create your custom Advent Calendar promotion

Set up a promotion group

First of all, you need to create the calendar: the microsite which will contain all 24 “windows” to your promotions. The microsite will give you a single link to share throughout Advent, so you don’t have to bother with 24 separate links. When people click on the calendar link, they’ll see all the windows. So they can choose the relevant promotion each day.


You have total control over which windows are open or closed, and when. So, for example, you could make just one promotion available every 24 hours. Or you could keep all the promotions open throughout Advent. Then announce all the winners at once, on Christmas Day.


To create and control your group of Advent Calendar promotions, follow this tutorial.


Optimize for mobile users

Every promotion you create has a responsive design. That means it will look good on computers, tablets, and any mobile device. Here’s an example of how the calendar will change to fit a mobile phone screen:

mobile advent calendar


Choose the perfect Christmas present

Kids love Advent Calendars because of the tiny gifts hidden behind each door. And we know that adults love promotions! So build excitement by reminding your followers of the prizes on offer.

You could describe the prize at the beginning of each promotion. If you want it to be a surprise, you can still fuel expectations. Talk about how much the gift is worth, whether it’s a product of your brand, if it’s a trip somewhere, a discount, and so on. And if you’re offering small participation prizes, make sure everyone knows!

In this example, the brand decided to clearly display the prize on offer each day. So the brand’s followers had plenty of motivation to join in, as the promotion unfolded. You’ll need to decide what your own followers would prefer: a grand surprise or a well-described prize. You could even combine these options. Announce the prizes available… but don’t tell people which day each prize will be awarded!

24 days for an Advent Calendar, 12 days of Christmas

There’s more than one way to create an Advent Calendar. If 24 days seems too long, or too much to organize, then adapt the idea to fit your requirements! The most important thing is the concept: giving away a series of small gifts around Christmas.


This brand decided to celebrate the 12 days of Christmas, instead of a full-length Advent Calendar. Just like the example in the previous step, they announced every prize in advance. So their followers knew exactly what to expect, and could choose when to join the promotion.


Mix up your Advent Calendar promotions

The simplest option is to run a classic prize draw for everyone who registers each day. But you could consider a more sophisticated campaign. Run an Instant Win promotion or Refer-A-Friend contest – or try a different giveaway app each day!

However, remember that you have to create 24 individual promotions. If you stick to one dynamic, you can just copy the promotion 23 times. But if you want to use a variety of apps, that means designing each one from scratch! Think about how much time you have, and how many people there are on your team, before you make a decision.


Get even more inspiration at our Christmas campaign hub. Ready to create your Advent Calendar? Click here to register your account for free!


Silvia Marti Ferrer

Marketing and Customer care Easypromos’ team