Promotional Codes: Attract, Convert and Loyalize

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Brands are locked in a constant struggle on social media to attract the attention of their target audience and boost sales. They also face the problem of competitors waiting in the wings to tempt their valued customers away. For this reason, irrespective of whether you have an online store, it’s important that you think about specific campaigns to help you increase sales and keep your customers interested. What better way to achieve this than using promotional codes?

Advantages of promotional codes

Brands usually consider promotional codes to be a great way of reaching out to their audience. The primary advantages of promotional codes are as follows:

  1. They provide an excellent way to distribute prizes via social media; they attract the attention of your community and they enable you to obtain new followers.
  2. They boost online and offline integration; you dynamize your social profiles and deliver prizes that are redeemable in your physical stores.
  3. They enable easy tracking of each campaign.
  4. By offering discounts or gift vouchers for purchasing your products you are attracting new customers who may remain loyal to your brand.
  5. If what you are offering in your promotional codes are product samples you’ll enable more people to try your products, giving them the opportunity to become fans of your brand.
  6. These types of campaigns spread quickly: it’s easy for users to share these promotions with their friends and contacts.


Promotional codes as part of an Inbound Marketing strategy

Let’s look at the three stages that make up the sales funnel of an Inbound Marketing strategy and analyze how you can use promotional codes for each one.

  • TOFU stage – this is the initial stage, where everything begins. These users might be interested in what you have to offer, but they’re not yet aware of all that you can give them and the needs you can cover. Now is the time to awaken their interest with a promotional codes campaign, with samples of your products for example. Asking for some brief contact details from users (like email address) in exchange for a sample is a good first step towards starting your new relationship.
  • MOFU stage – in this stage, the lead is looking for something more specific – a product that can solve a particular problem or meet a particular need. Make yourself heard, awaken their interest in your products and incentivize purchase. The lead might not be fully prepared, but some samples of your product or a significant discount could be just what they need to help them decide.
  • BOFU stage – in this stage, opportunity lies latent. If you’re able to win the hearts of your collection of leads you’ll find success. For this stage, promotional codes with discount coupons could provide the final push needed for leads debating with themselves whether to buy a product they’re already interested in.

Give it a try and create your first promotion with promotional codes!


And what happens after purchase? Do we just forget all about them?

Nothing could be further from the truth. Your customers love it when you make a fuss over them. They are loyal to you because they like your products, but also because their purchasing experience with you is worth their while. Don’t let your customers be tempted away by the competition. Now you know what their tastes are, and what products they buy, you can focus your promotions better to ensure that your customers feel satisfied.

The dates marked on your calendar represent good opportunities to launch a promotion and test the efficiency of promotional codes with your audience. Festive days often generate plenty of purchases and – if your product fits the theme of the celebration – they offer the ideal opportunity to take that step.

Go on, give it a try and let us know how it goes!

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Publication date: 2017-08-02