Christmas campaign ideas and promotion examples

Christmas campaign ideas and promotion examples

Resources for your Christmas campaign

It's the most wonderful time of the year... and you need your Christmas campaign up and running! What's on your Christmas wishlist? Whether you want to increase engagement, capture leads, or get user-generated content, Easypromos can help. We've collected some of our favorite interactive Christmas promotions to inspire you. Try out demos of our Christmas contest and game apps and get a head start on social media with our ready-made seasonal designs!

Check out our ideas, inspiration, reports, and free resources to give your Christmas marketing a boost.

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Easy ideas for Christmas contests

  • Create a branded Advent Calendar for your Christmas campaign

    The Christmas countdown is about to begin! Do you want to launch a promotion that's likely to engage your audience like no other campaign? Build an Advent Calendar to connect with your online community and capture new leads with a fun and interactive campaign. Choose one of the following three types of Advent Calendars:

    • New! Advent Calendar with descriptive content. Learn how to create a 100% digital Advent Calendar to generate community engagement. Setting it up is easier than you think, just download the template and create a customized version for your brand, with no need of programming skills.
    • Learn how to create an Instagram Advent Calendar. If you like it then go ahead and download free Instagram Advent Calendar resources. Launch this Advent Calendar to boost social media engagement and brand awareness.
    • Create a microsite with a branded Advent Calendar. Users register only once. Throughout the Advent season, they come back every day to open a new window to find out whether they're the winner of the day.
    • If you want to launch a gamified version of your Advent Calendar, create a Multi-Game Advent Calendar. Participants register the first time they access the promotion and gain access to new daily games, such as Memory, Puzzle, Word Search, Minesweeper, etc. Try our DEMO and if you like it, download the pre-configured template to save yourself some time and hassle.

  • Gamify your Christmas campaign to entertain and engage your audience

    Surprise your followers with some branded Christmas games. Engage and entertain your audience while boosting brand awareness and capture new sales leads! Unwrap easy ideas for Christmas games and gift your followers a chance to connect with your brand over the festive season.

    • DEMO 1- Slide & Match game. Entertain your audience with a match-three combination game. Try the DEMO and if you like it use our template to launch your branded version of the game.
    • DEMO 2 - Christmas Memory game. Challenge your online community with a branded Memory game. Customize the game to expose the users to your brand and boost brand awareness right in time for Christmas
    • DEMO 3 - Christmas Puzzle game. Give a go to our Christmas Puzzle DEMO and if you like it, use our template to launch your branded version of the game.
    • DEMO 4 - Christmas Hidden Objects game. Create a branded version of the game and test your audience's visual skills.
    • DEMO 5 - Christmas Word Search game. Customize the game with branded images and words associated with your brand or products and boost brand and product awareness.
    • DEMO 6 - Christmas Minesweeper game. Generate engagement and entertainment with a branded version of the classic Minesweeper.
    • Christmas Multi-Game. Did you like these Christmas games and want to use more than one? We have the solution for you! Create a Multi-Game promotion with different sections depending on age or kind of game and boost your audience's long term engagement. Use our template to create it quickly and easily.

  • Boost social media engagement with Christmas giveaways

    Do you want to organize a quick and easy promotion to celebrate Christmas with your audience? Organize a giveaway on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube account and ask users to participate by commenting on the post. You will get to boost engagement and brand visibility. Use our customizable giveaway templates to save some time!

    Giveaways for Christmas

  • Generate leads with your Christmas campaigns and promotions

    In many companies, the Christmas season plays an important part in the annual turnover. Boosting brand awareness and generating engagement are two of the most popular goals of Christmas campaigns. Use online promotions with integrated registration forms to convert social media followers into leads. Try the following DEMOs to test the user experience and use our pre-configured templates to launch your own Christmas promotions.

    Christmas giveaway

    • Christmas Distribute Coupon Codes - make sure every child gets to send their letter to the North Pole! Invite users to upload pictures of their kids' letters to Santa Claus and in return distribute discount codes for their Christmas shopping. It's an easy way to collect new leads, user-generated content and boost sales at the same time!
    • Scratch & Win - Invite your followers to scratch and give them a chance to win. Like the DEMO? Download the template and create your own. Ready in minutes!
    • Christmas Spin the Wheel game - Convert website visitors by distributing prizes and discounts with a branded prize wheel.

  • Collect UGC for your Christmas campaign

    Celebrate Christmas with fun and creative contests! Entertain your audience with photo and video contests and collect user-generated content. Do you need some Christmas contest ideas? Check out our Christmas DEMOs and use our templates to launch your next Christmas promotion!

    Create your Christmas card DEMO

    • Christmas Multi-Media contest - Organize a Christmas Multi-Media contest to collect UGC. This contest allows users to submit photos, videos and PDF files. Every participant is able to generate an album with multi-media content to compete for the prize.
    • Personalize your Christmas card - invite users to upload their pictures to transform them into personalized Christmas cards.
    • Create personalized Christmas products - launch an interactive Christmas promotion and ask followers to personalize their own ugly Christmas jumpers. Collect UGC, and new sales leads!
    • New Year's Resolutions - ask your online community members to share their New Year's resolutions for a chance to win attractive prizes. You get to collect high-quality content while entertaining and engaging your followers.

  • 10 tips for your Christmas marketing campaign that you can't miss

    Still looking for inspiration? Check out the tips that we put together especially for your holiday campaign! Use the ideas to make the most of the Christmas period!

    Christmas ideas and resources

Frequently asked questions

  • How to create an online Advent Calendar?

    Creating a digital Advent Calendar is easier than you think! There are many brands that allow you to create custom Advent Calendars with which you can engage online communities throughout the whole Advent season. Easypromos offers three different types of Advent Calendars: Instagram Advent Calendar, gamified Multi-Game Advent Calendar, and Multi-Stage Check-in Advent Calendar

  • Christmas social media giveaways highly boost social media engagement and increase brand visibility right in time for Christmas sales. Organize comment-to-win Christmas giveaways to engage your social media community and improve brand awareness. Offer attractive prizes to attract as many participants as possible. Then use a reliable platform like Easypromos to choose a random winner from among all participants. Reinforce customer trust by obtaining a certificate of validity and prove the winner selection process was transparent and automatic. 

  • Attractive prizes are the secret to successful Christmas promotions. Use your Christmas promotions to showcase your best-selling or newly launched products and raffle them among all registered users. Looking to boost sales? Distribute discount codes to drive traffic to your store or e-commerce. Improve brand reputation and share Christmas prizes with the Easypromos festive prize wheel

  • Yes, platforms like Easypromos allow you to launch mini-games for your brand. Just in minutes, you can create branded Christmas versions of popular games like Memory, Puzzle, Word Search, or Minesweeper. Easypromos provides you with pre-configured game templates, which allow you to save a lot of time and hassle when launching your branded Christmas game. Discover all Christmas games that you can launch for your brand with Easypromos

  • Promoting your business for Christmas has never been easier! Heighten brand visibility and boost engagement with social media giveaways and grow your mailing list with sweepstakes with entry forms. You can also collect user-generated content with a festive photo contest, or highlight your best selling products with Christmas Personality Quizzes. Don't forget about branded Christmas games which entertain online communities and expose audiences to your brand. 

  • Interactive Christmas promotions tend to successfully engage social media communities and reinforce customer loyalty. Create Christmas games for your brand, organize festive photo contests or boost social media engagement with comment-to-win Christmas sweepstakes. Make sure to offer attractive incentives to reward participation - it's the strongest factor driving traffic to your Christmas promotion.