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Alexandra Cantos

Journalist and communication freelance. Digital marketing and Cultural communication skills. Global communication strategy specialist. Alexandra creates content for brand promotion and digital marketing strategies. She liaises with the media and has mainly worked with companies and institutions related to culture in Barcelona and Girona.

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McDonald’s and Warner Bros Pictures Promote New Movie with a Quiz

Publication date: 29/12/2015

Co-branding emerged in the 1990s as an effective method for increasing audience reach and exposure through brand collaboration. The strategy continues to be effective as companies embrace marketing through digital platforms and social network. One such example is a collaboration between McDonald’s Spain and Warner Bros Picture which promoted the release of a movie via Facebook. The result was a creative and carefully planned online strategy which quickly went viral among followers of both brands spanning the social networks.

5 Surefire Ways To Ensure A Facebook Sweepstakes Is Not A Hoax

Publication date: 16/12/2015

It seems like almost daily Facebook friends are forwarding somewhat questionable opportunities to win things if you post a status, like or comment on as part of a sweepstakes/giveaway being posted on a person or company’s Facebook page. Some might be as simple as winning merchandise from a local retail establishment, or as grand as claims that Mark Zuckerberg is giving away millions of dollars to Facebook users for sharing a Facebook status, which is still making its way around this month.

New Sweepstakes Platform Available for all Easypromos Applications

Publication date: 24/11/2015

The mostly highly-anticipated moment of your promotion is just after it ends, when participants can finally find out who has won the wonderful prize! Selecting the winners is one of the most important parts of any promotion or contest, and it’s also the most time-consuming aspect for administrators. With the aim of facilitating this task Easypromos launched the Winners Tool early in 2013, making it easier to carry out a random sweepstakes transparently among all promotion participants.

Today, almost three years after its launch, we have updated this tool, adding a package of improvements, new features and a fresh design. We’re delighted to introduce the new Sweepstakes Platform, available for all applications created with Easypromos.

How to convert participants of your sweepstakes into Facebook fans

Publication date: 12/11/2015

There is a great deal of competition in the hotel sector. Every day, a new platform or website dedicated to comparing hotels appears. Competition to achieve a prominent position in such websites is just as tough as that for attaining a higher rank in the results of search engines.

Many hotels seek an alternative method for self-promotion by making use of the social networks. This is a channel which never ceases to surprise us, in terms of the number of brilliant actions being carried out. But it’s clear that in order to obtain quality results, a good strategy must first be devised.

How to Project Photos in a Wedding: Projector Ideas

Publication date: 27/10/2015

Like many couples in the 21st Century, David and Blanca met through online social networks. In their case it was all thanks to a Facebook photo. The photo was nothing special, just a typical Facebook picture of a group of smiling friends. It had the usual selection of tags, likes and comments.

It’s surprising where a simple photo like this can lead. David, who wasn’t in the photo, posted the following comment: “Is that brown-haired girl on the left wearing a limited edition Blues Brothers t-shirt?” Blanca, the brunette in question, replied: “Yes! I saw it in a flea market and knew I had to make it mine!” And, as the saying goes, the rest is history.

How to Project an Image Gallery as a Slideshow

Publication date: 23/10/2015

In any type of event or celebration – annual fairs, conferences, football games or family parties – people like to take photos and share them, enabling their friends and wider social circle to find out about the event in real time.

Have you ever needed to project photos of a place or event onto a screen? In this article we introduce a tool that will enable you to create a slideshow presentation and project it on any type or size of screen, monitor or television in real time.

Why Boss’s Day Can be Ideal for Giving Promotional Codes

Publication date: 16/10/2015

Boss Day is observed every year on October 16th in the United States of America. It’s a day when the employees take the opportunity to thank their bosses. The day is meant to strengthen an employee and their boss’s relationship, and to generally promote a great working environment.

3 Ways A Hashtag Gallery Can Take your Memorial Day Promotion Viral

Publication date: 02/10/2015

Kicking-off summer with a long weekend, Memorial Day which is celebrated on the last Monday of May represents an ideal opportunity to host a digital promotion. With parades, picnics and family gatherings, there are limitless opportunities to bring your followers and community together through sharing photos, videos, tweets and posts representing the pride and appreciation commemorating those who have fought bravely, while also building on the excitement of the beginning of the summer season.

5 Top Ideas to Increase Sales during Senior Citizen’s Day

Publication date: 21/08/2015

Senior Citizen’s Day is celebrated every year on August 21st. Brands and businesses can grab this opportunity to increase their sales by giving incentives to the senior citizens to visit their stores, websites, and restaurants by adopting the following ideas.