The Tower

The Tower is a game of skill where users stack blocks to build the tallest tower possible. Players engage with your brand throughout the game while testing their reflexes. Encourage participation by offering direct prizes for each level completed. Customize the game's design and graphics in line with your corporate image or tailor it to the campaign you want to promote.


Challenge players to complete levels to win prizes.

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The Tower

Main features of The Tower app

  • Easy game setup

    No need for programming skills. The promotion editor’s design toolkit will help you unleash your creativity and apply your design ideas so your game will be ready to play in minutes. You only need to upload your items and graphic elements and configure the gameplay.

  • Customize the design with your brand

    Customize the game with your brand image or products. Use the design toolkit of the promotion editor to customize fonts, colors, background, and images.

  • Configure gameplay elements

    You can decide on every element of the game: width of the starting block, the number of rows to stack to achieve the challenge, difficulty, and time allotted to build the tower.

  • Enable user registration

    The game includes a user identification and registration system that allows you to gather data from new users or integrate it with your user registration system via Single Sign-On (SSO). More information.

  • Scores and ranking

    Players will receive a score based on the number of rows of stacked blocks and a bonus for the remaining time if they complete the tower. You can also publish a ranking and reward players who achieve the highest scores.

  • Levels and instant prizes

    Encourage player engagement by setting multiple levels in the tower construction. Players have to be very skilled to complete the tower on their first attempts. However, you can define how many stacked lines are necessary to reach each level and offer instant prizes when players reach these intermediate stages.

  • Embed the game to your website or app

    The Tower can be created as a microsite with a URL linked to your brand or a new domain. You also have the option to embed it on your website as a widget or integrate it into a mobile app.

Available in the following subscription plans:

  • <strong>Premium</strong> Plan
    Premium Plan


    • Limited to 10,000 participants per promotion.
    • Easypromos branding visible.
    • Customize the default template with your own wording and images.
    • Fully customizable registration form.
    • Automated email platform.
    • Third-party integrations with external platforms.
    • Access to advanced promotion statistics.
  • White Label Plan
    White Label Plan

    Premium version, plus:

    • Limited to 50,000 participants per promotion. Contact us for more than 50,000.
    • No visible Easypromos branding.
    • No reference to Easypromos when sharing.
    • Share the same promotion in multiple languages and locations.
    • Use your own domain name with HTTPS support.
    • Developers: Use your own CSS styles, HTML and Javascript code.
    • Developers: Access to the API and Webhooks for real-time exporting of entries.
    • Recommended for large brands and agencies.
    • Priority support.

Combine it with...

  • Distribute coupon codes
    Create and distribute coupons to players that reach a given level.
  • Instant Win
    If you wish to reward users randomly, you can combine the game with the Instant Win dynamic. The prize will be awarded after completing the game and filling out the registration form.
  • Redeem Codes
    Make the game exclusive, only for those who have obtained a code.
  • Validate Receipts
    Request participants to upload a purchase receipt to gain access to the game.

Complete features

Help and resources for The Tower game

  • Tutorial

    Step-by-step guide to how to create a The Tower game with the Easypromos platform.

The Tower Game FAQ's